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Bad Idea Jeans: former Dallas Cowboys coach may take New Orleans Saints job

Bill-parcellsThe man who loves to retire may find a new way to un-retire yet again. Bill Parcells makes boxers look more committed to quitting.

The four-lettered is reporting that former Cowboys head coach Bill Parcells is talking to the Saints about their temporary head coaching job.

The Saints are going to be without the services of Sean Payton, who has been suspended by the NFL for one season for his role in BountyGate. If you remember, Payton was on Parcells' staff as an offensive coordinator/QB coach/passing game coordinator blah blah blah. Payton worked with Parcells from 2003 to '05 before he accepted the Saints' gig.

According to this story, the scenario sounds like a long shot.

Parcells is 71, and said after he left the Cowboys following the 2006 season that he was done coaching. Of course, he said that after he left the Jets. He took a VP of football operations job with the Dolphins in 2007. He left that team in 2010 and has since returned to working for ESPN as an NFL analyst. 

Sean-payton-cowboys1As many obstacles that exist for Parcells to return to coaching for just one season, primarily being it's a bad idea, I could easily see him contemplating this. Even though it may not be good for his health, and as much as he fights himself and his own temparment, the NFL is a part of him that he simply can't quit.

The irony is that for a brief period the relationship between Parcells and Payton was decidedly not good.  The fissure? Former Dallas Cowboys safety Keith Davis.

Not long after Payton accepted the Saints job in 2006 the team made a play for Davis, who at the time was a reserve nickel defender but primarily was a special teams beast. Parcells was irked that his former assistant made a play on Davis without contacting him first. The Cowboys had to match the offer made by the Saints to keep Davis.

Parcells pulled a classic passive-aggressive sorority house stunt and simply would not talk to Payton. As are a lot of men who have worked for either Parcells, or his close friend Bobby Knight, they don't much care to get shut out. So they have to beg.

Later in 2006, Payton called Parcells to apologize. As Parcells noted in the press conference that season, "He was a man about it."

Basically, Parcells didn't want to get into a bidding war when one wasn't necessary.

Now the relationship is obviously pleasant. 

Regardless, Parcells doesn't need to be walking into this situation. The Saints need to give this head coaching gig to a coordinator and let Payton use one of those untraceable phones from The Wire and text in plays during a game.


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Mac, I agree with you 100%. Just look at how Bill left the Dophs. They are in a total mess and it will not get any better until they fire the GM (that Bill hired) and get a new owner. They are the only team with a worst owner and GM than the cows.


I guess what this means is the Saint's really are not Saints and Peyton is really a Puton.

Snack Wrap

What about the kids?!?!! He's doing it to spend more time with his family.... what other loads of garbage does Parcells need to spew.

You are right. He loves coaching. I think its a bad move for everybody but it is a compelling story.

Love to see him back on the sidelines.

Bring back Parcells

Great story. Parcells would be awesome in New Orleans. He is credible, not a long term guy, and will probably retire then unretire a few times during the course of the season.


Parcells is a perfect fit. He'll do nothing. Add nothing and get paid a mint. It will be like the last couple of jobs he has had.

BP Oil Spill

Great PR move if the Saints can get him. He'll do nothing but it will keep fans interested. GO SAINTS!!!!

Earl L.

I like Parcells but his best days as a coach have been behind him for a while. I hope the Saints keep it in house. They have a great team. My hope is they don't mess with a good thing too much. Parcells would be a distraction.

League of Justice

I agree with previous comment. I am huge Saints fan and bringing in a high profile old timer is not going to help.

Bob in Arlington

Perfect fit for Saints owner, Payton and for Parcells. FIRST, the three of them would love to sting Jerry with this move. When this Saint's trip to the "dunce hat" corner, Jerry had to be estatic with glee at their folly. Jerry saw this an opportunity for d'Boys to make the playoffs with a 9-7 record, like the Giants since the Saints would be "Aint's" in the NFC playoff chase this coming season.

With Big Bill, the Saints could have continuity with offense and defense schemes as Parcells would be a calming voice in the Saint's Club House.

Parcell's puts dicipline back on the Saint's practice field just like it was still Payton in charge.

The Saint's have a pretty much, "made" team... all they need is leadership to win again while Payton's on the sidelines for a year.

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Retirement is nowhere if you love what you are doing. Well, I guess he is not done with the game yet. Why would you retire anyway if you still can do the job well? That is if he really is still good for the job.

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Retirement is nowhere if you love what you are doing. Well, I guess he is not done with the game yet. Why would you retire anyway if you still can do the job well? That is if he really is still good for the job.

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