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Baylor basketball uniforms ... somebody needs to be fired

Baylor-adidas-adizero-uniform-e1331057719801Enough already with the changing of the uniforms. This has to stop. Now. Some of these new patterns and color schemes are so bad Meryl Streep wouldn't wear them.

The continual changing of the uniform is all about merchandise and the opportunity to sell something else in the bookstore, at the team spirit center or online. But this fad has jumped the shark.

Watching Baylor play Kansas State in the Big 12 tournament quarterfinals has me thinking Joan Rivers will fly to Kansas City specifically just to rip the people at Baylor who approved this wretched look.

If/when the arena lights go out, Baylor can keep playing.


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This are actually pretty sick, Young sports fans enjoy them, it sports, there cool


Baylor does not license much out to retailers. So I really think they just want to be noticed. Why else would you wear highlighter uniforms

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