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Brandon Carr better make plays for a Cowboys secondary that made so few

Jennie_GarthPoor Kelly Taylor. All of that drama she endured as a student on Beverly Hills 90210 and now she and her hubby have called it a day. Jennie Garth says, "no mas" to marriage. Does this mean Brandon is back in the picture?

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News that the Cowboys finally cut cornerback Terence Newman surprised no one, but also vacated the mythical "Shutdown" corner spot this team did not have last season.

In his day, when healthy, Newman was a legit top corner and could trusted to matchup decently well against a team's top receiver.

Today, he may be a nickel guy.

This leaves the Cowboys with Mike Jenkins, Orlando Scandrick and Frank Walker as your CB options, hence this team's big pursuit of Chiefs free agent corner Brandon Carr.

Medium_carrWhat this team desperately needs from Carr, or anyone else in that secondary, is plays. Positive plays. As long as Rob Ryan is this team's defensive coordinator, there will be tremendous pressure on the secondary to create a play or or two per game that affects the score.

Far too many times last season the impactful plays from the Cowboys secondary were the wrong kind.

Adding Carr may not fix the problem of plays from the safety spot, but he should be an upgrade over Newman, who clearly no longer had it.


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