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Can the Texas Rangers' new $26 hot dog pinch hit?

Uqpwl.St.58The sad thing is ... I'll have to try this.

Your two-time AL Champion Texas Rangers will not only be rolling out the most expensive Japanese baseball import ever in Yu Darvish this spring, but the most expensive hot dog in the history of gluttony as well. 

In case you have not heard, the Rangers will introduce the Champion Dog at the Ballpark this season, which runs $26. Dollars. Twenty six dollars for a hot dog. One hot dog. Not, you know, like a dozen. This apparently is how the Rangers plan to pay for Darvish's contract - one hot dog at a time.

Imagine how expensive this dog would have been had the Rangers actually won the World Series?

The two-foot hot dog comes with shredded cheese, chili, sauteed onions and is served with french fries. Why stop there? Just smother it in mayo, bacon and some chocolate sauce, too. It is supposed to feed four people, but why do I think this versatile delight will be ordered as a party of one.

It will be available at the new Captain Morgan club, which is the new hangout in center field that the team built this offseason.

For $26 I would also hope this hot dog does my taxes, babysits my kid for an hour and takes out the trash. 


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Duck Duck Gray Duck

Who would buy this? Probably this guy -


Dam@, did the Rangers hire Jaharry Jones to manage their food sales?

Dust Bowl

I love me some $26 hot dogs! Grab the bargin!

sara walsh

you need to post a picture of the $26 hot dog, meal deal!! id probably eat it



Bob In Arlington

Bow-wow,...barf! I hope this idea is not the best that the Rangers can put on the field this year. Whatever happened to just going to a baseball game and watching a baseball game. NOW, it has to be an "entertainment" destination with theme restaurants to keep the kids busy. What's next in Centerfield? Circus rides and lion tamers? This is bad Karma and bad ju-ju to start the season. Since the Rangers are going Oriental, why not a susi dog?


Bob you are so right. Ball games were for the game its self, with some peanuts, regular hot dog and a cold beer and nothing else.
But the old days are gone, just like us guys will be soon.

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