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Dallas Cowboys' adding Dan Connor means it's time to thank Bradie James

Bradie+James+NFL+Divisional+Playoffs+Dallas+6Ks-FW0Io09lThe Cowboys have added Panthers' free agent linebacker Dan Connor, 26, which means the team will very, very, very likely be saying goodbye to veteran Bradie James. The same for Keith Brooking, who will be 37 in October.

Between Bruce Carter, Sean Lee and now Connor, the team is covered at ILB.

James will be 31, and on the back end of a pro career that began as a fourth round pick out of LSU in 2003. I would be surprised if he doesn't land with another team, maybe Cincy.

The giant "Ohhhhh, cruuuuuuuud" you hear comes from the media that covers the Dallas Cowboys on a daily basis, and leaned on Bradie's accessibility like no other. 

Fans may have thought James was overrated, and maybe he was, but along with tight end Jason Witten no one on that team consistently met his professional responsibilities in dealing with us media dorks the way Bradie did.

Win or lose, Bradie talked and gave us a voice and  face. Always. As someone who covered that team and desperately needed to find anyone of note who would be willing to talk, Bradie was greatly appreciated.

As a result, I would not be surprised to see Bradie return to North Texas after his career is over and he pops up on the local media scene. He treated so many of us very well by just being a professional, and in return I would surprised if the favor was not returned when he needs one.


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