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Dallas Mavericks stretching limits of belief

ImagesFor fans of the TV show 30 Rock, good news - the show is going to do another live performance this season. This episode will air April 26. This will be the second time Tina Fey and crew have done this.

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Lakers 109, Mavericks 93 and it wasn't that close. This was painful to watch. The little Mavs were pounded inside as Pau Gasol and Andrew Bynum toyed with whomever was draped on them.

The Mavs were out-rebounded 46-29. 

Yes, the Mavs did not have forward Shawn Marion, center Brendan Haywood or guard Delonte West, but a 16-point loss at home? Embarrassing.

Here is how L.A. saw it.

Here is how the Mavs saw it. Mavs owner Mark Cuban told Dwain Price of the Star-Telegram he doesn't care about playoff seeding; just get in.

Ap-201203212333847842439This can will change a lot, but right now the Mavs are currently in sixth place in the Western Conference and would face the Lakers in the first round. The Mavs need to avoid the Thunder and the Lakers in the first round. They could probably do fine against any of the rest, but those two teams pose such matchup problems that a first round exit against either is likely.

The Mavs have 18 games remaining, 12 of which are against teams that would qualify for the playoffs right now.

The Mavs keep saying they will be fine once they get healthy, and maybe they are right. But given the advanced age of this roster a can bill of health can't be expected. This has the makings of an Excuse-a-palooza.



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