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Dirk Nowitzki is close to becoming the 2nd best power forward in the NBA

Jennifer-lawrence-oscars-2011I have not read these books, but apparently they are a big deal. And now The Hunger Games the movie is nearly out, starring Jennifer Lawrence. Something about a bunch of kids who fight each other for food; kinda like The Biggest Loser, only without Allison Sweeney.

I'd rather watch The Running Man myself. Anything with Yaphet Kotto shooting and Richard Dawson game show hosting is worth watching.

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A rather large men's professional basketball will be played this evening in downtown Dallas between your Dallas Mavericks and Los Lakers de Las Angeles.

Act_kevin_loveThe Mavs are 27-20, good for fifth in the Western Conference. The Lakers are 28-19 and in third in the West.

The Mavs are here because they still have the best power forward in the game today, but just barely. Barely. Barely.

This guy in Minnesota makes a very, very, very strong case that the NBA's best PF is actually Kevin Love.

Love averages 25.9 points and 13.7 rebounds per game; he has eight games of 30 and 15. According to this story, no one else in the NBA has produced more than one. Among the good young power forwards in the league, most notably Blake Griffin, Love is the best.

Dirk averages 20.8 points and 8.3 boards per game. Because of his career accomplishments, Dirk gets the nod over K-Love because the former UCLA star hasn't done a thing in the playoffs.

Dirk has everything, including a ring.

It was only a matter of time before some young guy replaced Dirk at the top, and K-Love is set to take his position as the best at his position very soon.


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How the west is won

The biggest difference between Love and our man Dirk is Kevin Love is only 23. His wheels don't have as many miles and he still has a ton of life in his body. I love Dirk but physically he always looks like his about to take his last gasp. Love's time is coming but the Mavericks, if they are lucky, will compete this year. Next year, if we hit it big in free agency, look out. Dirk with a killer point guard and some solid outside shooters, would be fun to watch and could make a lot of noise in the post season.

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