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Donovan McNabb throws up a giant red flag for RGIII in Washington, D.C.

134186475_crop_650x440Donovan McNabb may be the least impartial observor about this subject in the universe, but he is an NFL quarterback who both played in Washington D.C. and for head coach Mike Shanahan.

McNabb appeared on ESPN's First Take this morning, and was asked if Baylor QB Robert Griffin III would be a good fit in the Redskins' offense. "No," was McNabb's response.

RGIII is expected to be selected No. 2 overall by the Redskins in the NFL draft behind the Colts' selection of Andrew Luck. Washington traded the farm to acquire the pick from St. Louis.

McNabb went on a bridge-burning interview when he said, “A lot of times ego gets too involved when it comes to being in Washington."

Click here for the rest of the interview, which features a lot of juicy stuff from McNabb. The former Eagles QB sounds like he researched this subject well before he went on a his rant against the Redskins and Shanahan.

McNabb may be right, but he also sounds like another aging jock firmly in denail about his eroding skills. But as biased as McNabb is about this team and this head coach, primarily because he was run out of town there, he has a point. Several of them.

ShanahanShanahan has never done much of anything since John Elway retired. A head coach not having success without a Hall of Fame quarterback is nothing new, but Shanahan's reputation has endured since that title won in 1998.

* In the 12 seasons Shanahan has been a head coach post Elway, he has been to the playoffs four times.
* Shanahan is 1-4 in those games.
* Shanahan has won at least 10 games in those 12 years four times.
* The last time he was in the playoffs was 2005.

And the train wreck mess that is the Washington Redskins football franchise under owner Dan Snyder is well documented, lamented and made fun of.

Now comes RGIII wearing his Superman socks to save what had been one of the NFL's greatest franchises.

When the Bengals drafted Andy Dalton out of TCU I feared for his professional football life because this organization has been a hell hole since the death of Paul Brown. They don't care.

The people in Washington do care, but they don't have a clue. Now comes another Texan kid to save a different franchise. For the sake of his new team, and his new head coach, he doesn't need to be Superman, just John Elway.

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Randolph Scott

You make some good points. I think McNabb has been done for a few years and is just now figuring it out. But Shanahan has always struck me as a solid football coach. Who doesn't need John Elway or some other Hall of Fame Quarterbak!?!? I like the stats you used to cast some doubt on Shanahan. You might be right. I like him. Washington has been aweful for forever. He's better than Norv Turner by a mile. I'd love to see them turn it around there. They have an awesome facility, a GREAT city, excellent fans, and it would be fun to see a meaningful "Dallas-Washington" rivalry. (those were the days) I hope you are wrong. I like Shanahan. I hope RGIII makes a big spash and he and Shanahan make some big noise in that city. It would be fun to watch.


When People say McNabb is done, what do they mean? Peyton Manning isn't considered done and he just had 4 neck surgeries and is older than McNabb with a much weaker arm. So how is McNabb done? Physically he can play because he could move and he has arm strength. Minnesota and Washington were two of the worst teams in the league and Peyton Manning would've received a 5th neck surgery playing on one of those bad teams


I hope you are wrong about Washington. I love RGIII and I'm a big Baylor Backer. Love to see him revive that franchise. He's a great quarterback and a great young man. I hope things go well for him in DC.

Daniel Snyder Hater #2

Mike Shanahan is the best decision Dan Snyder has made since he bought the team. Shanahan has seen the big time and I think still has the fire to get it done. Football is a crazy competitive business but hiring Shanahan is a smart move. He may not turn it around in Washington but he won't roll over either. And RGIII would be lucky to work with some one like Shanahan who has experience and wisdom. Let's hope for RGIII's sake it works.

Chuck & Caroll from Argyle

RGIII will turn things around in Washington. You watch. The guy is a player. The Colts are nuts to pass on him. He is better than Andrew Luck by a mile. It doesn't matter how aweful Daniel Snyder is or whether or not Shanahan can coach or not; RG is the real deal. Game on.

Shaun of the Dead

McNabb is crazy done. The previous post by "Ray" is insane. I think McNabb is not only done but I think he is now "Ray" on your blog. The guy hasn't played good football in a decade.

Linda from Coffee Talk

Good points about Mike S. I love him but its a win-now-league. Coach hasn't won in a long time. I think he was a good hire but if he can make the playoffs in 2 years after getting RGIII then his career should be just over over in the NFL.

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