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Fort Worth's very hidden gem of a Mexican restaurant

ExteriorFORT WORTH, Texas - There may not be a place in all of the greater Fort Worth/dallas that if you did not know it was here, you have no idea it is here.

I thought this place had closed years ago: Mi Cocinita located on 3509 1/2 Bryan Avenue, Fort Worth, Texas, 76110. It's a restaurant that is in a house in the middle of a neighborhood that, thanks to being grandfathered in, still exists despite what would be a pretty clear violation of current zoning laws.

There is no Gap, Starbucks or Barnes and Noble within eye-shot of this place.

Who cares? There may not be a Mexican restaurant in Fort Worth with more charm or character than this restaurant that was formerly known as "Betty's" and now "Mi Cocinita".

OutsideIt had been opened forever as a family place, but things changed, and then re-changed, it closed, and it was re-opened last October. The family is still there, cooking the way it always has.

This is traditional Tex-Mex cuisine and you really aren't going to go wrong with anything on this menu. I did the Tostada dinner, which for about $7 you can't really beat. The guacamole is outstanding, and if salty chips are your thing these are hard to put down.

They also offer many call-to-order dishes from tamales, fideo, beans, chips, guacamole, etc. The seating area is about 35 indoors, and maybe half that on the patio outside. It's available for parties and small gatherings. 

DinnerThis is a cash-only establishment, and it's open Wednesday through Friday from 10:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.

Mi Cocinita
3509 1/2 Bryan Avenue
Fort Worth, Texas 76110


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Yum. See ya there Mac

Jenn E.

It doesn't look like much from the outside but it's gooooood! For those of you who have never heard or it or been brave enough to give it a shot; you can believe every word of this article. IT'S GREAT!


Its the best kept secret in Texas. awesome food. awesome local color.

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