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Keep the Big 12 basketball tournament in Kansas City

Aerial-photo-sprint-center-kc-power-and-light-districtBaylor coach Scott Drew stopped just short of saying it, but he didn't need to. The Big 12 basketball coaches from Texas are tired of going to Kansas City for the Big 12 tournament. It's a tremendous advantage for Missouri, Iowa State, Kansas State and Kansas.

"When we play Kansas State (on March 8 in the Big 12 tournament) look who has more fans there," Drew said this morning on the Big 12 coaches conference call. "We would like to have it in Dallas? Absolutely. (The Sprint Center) is a great place to play, but I am saying playing close to home is an advantage. Period."

No team from Texas has ever won the Big 12 tournament.

With Missouri going to the SEC, the Big 12 tournament in Kansas City, Missouri is in a state that features no school from the actual state itself. It may be odd, but given the layout of KC it's not wrong. Call it an geographic anomaly. These things happen in sports - the New York Jets and the New York Giants play in New Jersey; Washington Redskins play in Maryland; East St. Louis is actually located in Illinois.

Ideally, the Big 12 tournament is spread around from Kansas City, Oklahoma City, Dallas and perhaps San Antonio. This is, however, a delicate political situation.

The recent defections of Colorado, Nebraska and Missouri to other conferences speak of the schools in the north feeling that they are second-class citizens to all-things south. Basketball is a much bigger deal up north than it is in Texas, and despite the need to grow and expand the sport in Texas there should be a priority to throw those schools a bone. 

The Big 12 should give it to Dallas or OKC every three or four years, but Kansas City should be the primary home to this tournament. The attendance is higher, and it means more to that region.


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I wouldn't mind seeing my Jayhawks playing at the AAC every now and then for the Big XII tournament but I like the idea of keeping in KC most of the time.


In response to Coach Drew, it's a pretty fair assumption that KU or KSU would have a better following if the tournament were in Dallas as well. You're not going to get away from that. With West Virginia coming in next year, it probably makes more sense to keep it in KC anyway.


Yeah, thats the reason Baylor does not win. The fan attendance. Drew needs to look in the mirror for the reason Baylor does not win.


Heck no! Get it out of missery as fast as you can, Las Vegas, NYC fine, but never in a state that is now part of the SEC footprint!

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