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Mac Engel of the Spokane Chiefs gets ready for the WHL playoffs

31_Engel,Mac1256The greatest goalie in the history of hockey is going to the playoffs. Now let's do this!

Mac Engel of the Spokane Chiefs led his team to a fifth-place finish in the Western Conference of the Western Hockey League. 

Great Lord in heaven ... that Mac Engel is such a handsome man. Such intensity. It pierces the soul.

The Chiefs open the playoffs on the road with a seven-game series against the Vancouver Giants that begins on Friday night. Vancouver owned the Fightin' Mac Engels during the season, but both were tight, taut, thrilling one-goal games. Games that if the refs had just done their job for once the outcome would have been different.

Mac Engel finished the season with 54 games played, 28 wins, one shutout, a 2.69 goals against average and a .893 save percentage. Some NHL team better give Mac Engel a job and put this man in their system next season. 

Listen, Mac Engel did his job. Did it well. He never complained. He just gave the boys a chance to win and stopped pucks each and every game. But if Mac Engel had absolutely any help in front of him the dude would have a 1.00 goals against averarage with about 25 shutouts. But, hey, it's a team game.  

Coach Don Nachbaur better do the right thing by the Spokane Chiefs hockey club and make sure Mac Engel is well rested before the playoffs, and starts Game 1 and every other game this season. 

You want a taste of that sweet championship nectar served from the Ed Chynoweth Cup? You put Mac Engel in net and let God sort 'em out. 

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