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NFL commish Roger Goodell goes "Say hello to my little friend!" on the Saints

Roger-GoodellThere has never been sports commissioner who wields power the way Roger "Tony Montana" Goodell does. The closest I can think of is former baseball boss Kenesaw Mountain Landis, who ruled in the infamous Black Sox scandal in 1919. 

Unlike some commissioners in other sports who sometimes tip-toe around punishments, no one can say they are pulling one on Police Commissioner Goodell.

In case you have not heard, Goodell punished the New Orleans Saints for their role in "bounty gate". According to ESPN's Adam Schefter, here are some of the highlights:

- Saints head coach Sean Payton is suspended a full season, sans pay. Has ESPN called Payton yet so he can join their ever-growing fleet of NFL analysts?

- Former Saints defensive coordinator Gregg Williams is suspended indefinitely.

- Saints GM Mickey Loomis is suspended eight games and fined $500K.

- The Saints lose another $500K and a second round pick in '12 and '13.

There is so much hypocrisy involved in this whole Bounty Gate routine that it's a farce; this is what happens in football.

When it comes to rules and enforcing rules, there is nobody any better than Goodell. Baseball's Bud Selig is routinely usurped by the union. David Stern of the NBA and Gary Bettman of the NHL are pretty good at doling out appropriate punishments, but no one brings the pain like Goodell.

The way NFL players were popping up police blotters near the end of former NFL commissiner Paul Tagliabue's watch, Goodell's decision to drop the hammer has been a much needed image boost.

A lot of the players believe Goodell's behavior crosses the line into dictator-ish, but much like former NYC major Rudy Giuliani, sometimes the most effective way to clean things up is to let your people know you are not screwing around.

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my jaw dropped when i read your article. that is a MOUNTAIN of PAIN. i can't believe it. crazy. look out for the commish.

Fred T.

That's a huge can of whup a**. I had heard they were gonna drop the hammer but I never saw that coming. If that isn't putting the league on notice, I don't know what is. Look out for the hammer.


Ridiculous overkill.

Looks to me like a young commish out to show everyone who is boss, and maybe even make a bit of name for himself.

Showing off usually comes around to bite one's back side.

Goodell may find that out.


This whole thing is a farce that Goodell is doing just to cover the NFLs "hiney" with all the concussion lawsuits from former players against the league. Fact: the NFL uses hits every bit as violent as any of the bounty hits to advertize the sport. but did you see Goodell suspend the Patriots' head coach for blatently cheating by filming the opposing teams' signals DURING THE GAME? And that infraction actually undermined the INTEGRITY of the game! Sorry, Roger Goodell, but you ain't fooling me with this CMA move.

Andrew from Dallas

They say power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutley. Goodell is nuts. Sean Peyton should never have lied but this stuff is a joke. Peytons punishment is nuts.

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