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Of Bill Parcells, Bob Knight, Terrell Owens & Kentucky

6ESPN ostensibly hired former college basketball coach Bob Knight to provide analysis and commentary, but after having watched him work games where he mails it in I am convinced he was brought along for autographs.

The man does not know the teams he watches and obviously does no preparation. He sits there saying, "That's a really big bucket right there." 

The irony is that he is making what is very likely a fat check working for a network he used to rail against when he was the head coach at Indiana.

Now he has created a "controversy" when talking about this NCAA tournament field. He won't say "Kentucky" when talking about Kentucky; rather he says, "The team from the SEC."

Very clever, coach.

Knight's feelings towards UK and coach John Calipari are well documented - basically, he thinks his teams are not loaded with student athletes. Say this for Bob, his teams did graduate. Now, he was a horses rear and behaved like a spoiled, enabled, boorish 8-year-old but ... that's a different rant.

Tx.parcellsThis no mentioning by name trick is not new. In fact, one of Knight's closer friends used to do this often.

When Bill Parcells, who has been friends with Knight since their days at Army, coached the Dallas Cowboys he routinely did not call Terrell Owens by name. Instead, he said, "The Player".

This is their way of saying they don't approve of, or like, said subject.

And it's also another way of a pair of older guys proving they are always young at heart.

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I loved Bobby when he was in Indiana, even when he wasn't too good. He embodied a hard nosed guy, winner, and he graduated players. But his act has worn thin, his contradictions too significant.

He is the worlds worst commentator. I wish he wasn't on tv anymore. Isn't there an old folks homes for retired coaches.

He needs to be done commentating. His yawns are more interesting than his commentary.


Bob Knight needs to go away. He is sooo lame.

Spuds McKennedy

"And it's also another way of a pair of older guys proving they are always young at heart."

Translation: The Big Mack is calling Knight & Parcells babies.

Bryan Houston

I don't think Knight will let the words "Scott Drew" pass from his lips either.

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