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Poor RGIII ... he's going to the Redskins

RGIII.BrianSpurlockRobert Griffin III needs to pull a John Elway and say right now he will not play for Washington Redskins head coach Dan Snyder. Either that or accept that his NFL career is over before it starts.

According to Fox Sports NFL guy Jay Glazer's Twitter account, the Redskins have acquired the No. 2 overall pick in the upcoming draft from the Rams. The deal will become official on Tuesday, when the new NFL season begins.

Glazer writes on Twitter, "Major scoopage: Redskins have agreed to a trade w Rams for #2 pick of draft. Rams and Skins swap first rounders this yr w Rams also getting 2 future #1s and additional picks."

There is absolutely zero doubt that Andrew Luck will go to the Colts with the first pick, and the Redskins will select Griffin No. 2.

Hyperbole aside, Washington D.C. has become one of the least enviable spots in the league outside of Oakland, Cincy and Phoenix. RGIII may have turned Baylor into a winner, but not even Joe Gibbs has been able to do anything but lose with the Redskins under Snyder.

UPDATE: Per the suggestion of a Big Mac Blog reader, I have added the Cowboys to the list of NFL graveyards because of a certain front office member who shall remain nameless.

Redskins head coach Mike Shanahan hasn't had a bonafide QB since he arrived in D.C.; he had a washed-up Donovan McNabb in 2010. Shanahan tried Rex Grossman last year.

Washington and Redskins nation will love and adore RGIII, and he will win his introductory press conference at the team's facility on draft day. After that? Godspeed.


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balls mcgee

You're a loser... You hate Dan is inactive, you hate him when he is active... come up with something new

balls mcgee brother

i line my bird cage with the star ledger.... im not sure wut stinks worse the blog or the bird $h1t...

balls mcgee other brother

i love your blog, the star ledger, and i generally consult your writings/opinions before every major decision i make... you are a genius, have amazing hair and are a spectacular american... please ignore my idiot brothers they are, after all, idiots... GO COWBOYS!!!!

Kevin Stratton

This guy is trashing Snyder, understandable, but has he looked in his back yard? Snyder tries to emulate Jerry Jones, another owner who's team will never win as long as he's involved. RGIII will be picking on the Cowboys for years to come!


i agree withe the columnist. daniel snyder is a dork. he is a self serving ego maniac who knows zero about football

Baxter Corningstone

I hate Dan Snyder.

balls mcgee step-brother

I've seen more astute analysis on facebook status updates


Are you kidding me? Look at the division. The Redskins swept the Giants and with any other qb in the league would have swept Dallas. Get real, this is about a pokes homer drooling over the fact that the Redskins have a real qb, while Dallas is stuck with Opie from the Andy Griffith show lol.


What a moron. Snyder...albeit an NOT the Head Coach as this article says but the team owner. Let's see who REALLY knows nothing about their job!

The Big Mac Blog

Joe ... It was a joke. I am well aware that Dan Snyder is NOT the head coach of the Washington Redskins, just as Jerry Jones is NOT the head coach of the Dallas Cowboys.
Many thanks.


I love your glib, insightful, and witty blog, that being said, I would add Dallas to the elephant graveyard of NFL destinations. As long as Botox Boy is still GM we're all doomed.


I love your blog. I read news paper stuff on-line all the time. You have a funny sarcastic way of presenting the same stuff I read everywhere. I actually prefer your blog, and delivery, better than ESPN or some other colorless sports articles.


Snyder of Washington and Jones of Dallas are like two peas in a pod. They both have destroyed two once proud organizations.


Your a complete moron and idiot!!! RGIII will be a beast in the east. He will make Santana Moss look young and explosive once again. As Newton did for Steve Smith. Hankerson is a big fast target who will become a true stud number 1 WR. Gaffney is a solid player who can make plays. Fred Davis is the next great TE in the league Helu, Hightower and Royster will run all over everyone. As defenses will respect the pass and fear the running ability or this young stud of a QB. He will cause defenses to back up creating room for our running backs to explode. Kinda like Lesean McCoy, with Vick under center. HTTR!!!!


You must be Vinny Cerratos B#tch, you dumbass. That era is long gone. Did you see what Shanahan did in the draft last year??? He has his LT, His QB, and WR in Hank, and young talented RB's in Helu, Hightower and Royster. Now he will build the rest of our OL and grab Vincent Jackson. We will be feared!!! Our defense was ranked 12 last year! We will lose Landry, and MacIntosh, but we will address both those positions in FA and the draft. This is the worst article I've ever read! This is a biased opinion which is not even close. This is the first time the Redskins are doing it the right way. We are drafting our players! finally!!
We are picking sensible FA options to fill important needs. ILB, OL and possibly WR.


Poor Jerry. Al Davis is gone and Snynder seems to be listening to his football people.

That leaves Jerry as the only idiot in the village.


Daniel Snyder is as dumb as he is stupid


Dan Snyder is not our head coach. RGIII will get this franchise in the right direction. He's not a wuss like elway or cutler.


What will his number be? I'm ready to pre order my Griffin III jersey! Hey Rob, bring some of that "Pure Sugar" Dr. Pepper up to D.C. with you. Hail to the Redskins, Hail Victory!!!


Boy O Boy.
RG111 would be better off staying at Baylor for his senior year then going to Snyder's Redskins.

Money is not everything.

Baylor Babee

We are gonna miss you RGIII.


21 comments is strong. My blog get almost none. Nice work.

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