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Rhode Island hires a basketball coach, and it's not TCU's Jim Christian

Jim+Christian+TCU+v+UNLV+7bUTh3WIvhKlHowever serious Rhode Island was about TCU's Jim Christian as its next basketball coach it must not have been that serious.

According to this report, Rhode Island has hired Danny Hurley to replace Jim Baron.

Christian, who played at Rhode Island and graduated from there, had been considered a candidate.

TCU's season ended on Monday night with a blowout loss at Oregon State in the second round of the CBI Tournament. The Frogs finished the season 18-15; it's the first winning record for the school since 2004-'05.

Christian bought himself another season or two with this record; with wins against Virginia, UNLV, Colorado State and New Mexico plus a winning record with a postseason appearance, this is more momentum this program has had in years.

There is the little matter of moving into the Big 12. Right now, the Horned Frogs are going to be at the bottom across the board in Big 12 men's basketball.

TCU has to decide whether it wants to get serious about men's basketball, and make some large investments into the program. It appears as if they either don't want to make the big-jump investment now because they don't exactly know what it will require, or there is some hesitation because they are not all in with the head coach. Either scenario is plausible.

It's a chicken/egg question: Spend now in hopes of yielding big results, or hope the coach wins with less-than-ideal circumstances and spend later.


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