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'Silent House' is decent horror flick with big-time performance from Elizabeth Olsen

1315945789_elizabeth-olsen-articleWhether The Olsen Twins could act is no longer relevant. They got the 'cute' gene. Sister Elizabeth Olsen received the 'acting' gene.

Olsen is currently receiving well-deserved praise for her convincing performance in the unique thriller "Silent House". The horror/suspense genre may be the very worst Hollywood produces, but credit directors Chris Kentis and Laura Lau (who combined to make the very underrated "Open Water") for making a decent movie.

The biggest praise should be for Olsen, who displays a wide range in this very unique movie. The entire 85-minute movie is in real time, and was done in one fluid shot. It almost acts like a play.

Olsen plays a young woman who is visiting her family's Victorian style lake house with her father and uncle. They are closing the house down so they can sell it. It's almost dark. There is no electricty. No phones. No cell service. Fortunately, there is ample creepiness.

Like "Open Water", "Silent House" features a tiny cast (six) and there are a handful of good scares. The tension created stems from the fairly predictable horror movie formula (mirrors, locked doors, don't go in the basement). The end is a bit weird, not to mention unsettling, but it's a horror movie. This isn't an episode of "Full House".

Olsen's performance brings a visceral level of credibility that most movies of this genre never enjoy. She is considerably better than her castmates. Other than just pure joy, Olsen is believable in covering every emotion.

Silent-house-trailerOne scene where she hides under a table and swallows her breath as to not be detected is particularly chilling.

Her profile on IMDB says she has a lot of work coming up, which makes perfect sense given she apparently received the acting gene.



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