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The Dallas Cowboys always seem to win the NFL's schedule championship

Tony+Romo+New+York+Giants+v+Dallas+Cowboys+ud-b-_v1HRSlThe NFL is moving its preferred season-opening time on Thursday to Wednesday to accomodate the President, but the league obviously has zero intention of giving in to the idea that the Dallas Cowboys do not merit anything other than a prime time slot.

The defending Super Bowl champion New York Football Giants will host the defending 8-8 playoff-less champion Dallas Cowboys on Wednesday, Sept. 5 in New Jersey to be televised on NBC.

How cute. The Cowboys 2011 season begin with a loss in New Jersey against the Jets on NBC, and ended with a loss to the Giants in the same stadium, on the same network.

The league normally begins the season on Thursday, but it does not want to interfere with President Obama's speech at the Democratic National Convention scheduled for that evening.

The NFL could have put the Giants against any of the following:
- Washington Redskins, and QB RGIII
- Philadelphia Eagles, and that train wreck
- SF 49ers, whom they beat in the NFC title game
- Baltimore Ravens, a team that nearly went to the Super Bowl
- Carolina Panthers, and QB Cam Newton
- Atlanta Falcons, which made the playoffs last season and lost to the Giants in the first round
- Green Bay Packers, whom the Giants beat in NFC divisional round
- New Orleans Saints, who potentially may be coached by former Giants coach Bill Parcells and this season will be one of the most interesting teams to watch as a result of the Bounty Gate fallout.

Instead the NFL went with the .500 Dallas Cowboys. 

The Cowboys may never again do well in January and early February, but no team rocks an offseason schedule like this team.


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Judge Dredd

We are going to totally blow next year. I'm underwhelmed with excitement.

..go mavs


With half the country routing for Dallas to win and half for them to lose, I can see why the NFL would do does know how to market its product...

What is with MLB starting overseas? Seriously?!


Maybe I overstated the "half" wanting the Cowboys to win! But everyone does have a stake in this game!

Dallas Cowboys Tickets

If Dallas has always this luck and may always seem to win the NFL’s scheduled championship, then hurray for us. We liked that and always do. Who doesn’t? Luck is always on our side, hopefully.

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