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The Dallas Mavs panic button looks awfully tempting

Eva_longoria-askmeanyAll of you single guys that never had a shot, here is to hope ... Eva Longoria is back on the market.

... ... ... ... 

The Mavs are going to have a favorable schedule coming up here shortly, but will it be too late? Your Mavs lost at Phoenix on Thursday night, 96-94. Lamrar Odom exploded for 15 points, his most productive point total since Jan. 21 and eighth time this season he has hit double figures. 

Not having Brendan Haywood (ankle) really, really hurts this team in the middle.

Since Feb. 22 the Mavs have lost to the Nets, the Hornets and now the Suns. There have been other losses in this stretch, but I point these out because all three of those teams are under .500.

Good teams don't lose that often to sub .500 teams.

The Mavs were 21-12 on Feb. 20 are now 23-18 with games tonight in Sacramento and on Saturday in Golden State. 

Dal_120307_W2W4_Mavs_SunsWhat's the moral of this story? There is time to reverse this trend of stink with a good stretch, but it is getting harder and harder to have any faith that even if the Mavs make the playoffs they will be able to do a thing once they get there.




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