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The horrible uniform bug has now infected the Texas Longhorns

ApKQf-XCIAAu4481-225x300The alternate or different uniform design trend that is currently doing a lot of damage to classic color schemes and patterns has now found its way to Austin, Texas.

Keep Austin Weird? Fine. But keep the Longhorn unis the same.

But thanks to our good friends Phil Knight and his Nike design team, the Texas Longhorns are going to look very different this fall. Not in a Baylor men's basketball bad way, but not in a good way.

UPDATE: A few readers wanted me to mention that these unis are for practice only. Don't care. They still suck. Leave well enough alone. And don't be surprised when these pop up on a Saturday game.






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O I hope that this is some type of joke. The Horns should NEVER change the team jerseys. These look worst that the Bengals unis.


These are practice uniforms only. Not for game use.

Bill Acker

I personally thought it was a disgrace for a proud program like Ohio State to wear the unis they did last year. This would be the worst of them all.


Do your research before posting. These are for practice only. Game uniforms will remain the same.


practice only dude. important part you forgot to mention

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These uniforms don’t look horrible to me. But, if they are on then I might see the difference. It looks like a baby tee for girls, just a thought.

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