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This NCAA tournament is a nice way to say that Perry Jones III should stay at Baylor

Baylor-bears-perry-jones-iii-suspended-165As of today this website called has Baylor forward Perry Jones III going to the Boston Celtics with the 17th selection in the June NBA draft.

This site called has Jones going No. 7 to the Pistons.

And this one has PJIII going No. 10 to the Bucks.

I have no idea if any of these sites is anywhere near accurate, but I do know that PJIII has been all but invisible in this NCAA tournament. He has nine points in the two games as the Bears have reached the Sweet 16 not because of their projected lottery pick power forward but rather by Brady Heslip and Quincy Acy.

A good NCAA tournament is not going to make a player, but it could raise a red flag. Guys like Iowa State's Royce White and St. Bonaventure's Andrew Nicholson looked like dominant players with serious NBA potential in their tourney games whereas Jones didn't.

This makes no sense. Jones was coming off a Big 12 tournament where he went for 31 & 11, 18 & 7, 16 & 11 (pts rebounds) in the Bears' three games. Jones III looked like a guy who finally got it, and wanted it.

Perhaps this weekend will change things. A good game in the Elite Eight against Kentucky could change some minds, and perception.

No one can dispute if he has an NBA frame (he does), or NBA talent (he does), but watching him float in and out of games it's easy to ask whether he wants it. 

He is such a nice guy, which looks like it may be his undoing. 


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AJ from Fort Worth

Aren't you going to cover the Peyton Manning story?!?!

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