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Battle of the patios: Fort Worth's Woodshed vs. Joe T Garcia's

IMG_0609For those of you who live in the greater FW/d and have heard all of the considerable hype surrounding the new Woodshed Smokehouse, give it a try. 

Is the food good? Yes.
Is it worth the wait? No, but I seldom think restaurants are.
Is it over-priced? Absolutely. $11 for a burger.
Does it meet the hype? No, but these places seldom do.

Included in the price should be an "atmosphere" tax. This place will work fine for you if part of what you desire in your dining or "going out" experience is a buzz or humm of activity. There is no greater example of that in this great city than arguably its most famous eatery - Joe T. Garcias.

You go to Joe T's not because of the food but because of the atmosphere, the scene and the patio. The Woodshed is a smokehouse equivalent of Joe T's, only it offers a wider variety of food and accepts credit cards. But you are going here for the scene first, the food second.

IMG_0610The Woodshed menu is loaded with typical Tim Love twists on meats and sandwiches, such as "Bulgogi beef, house kimchi". I would suggest staying away sausage duck; I'll try anything (I ate scorpion once), but the texture of the compressed duck was a bit too odd even for my tastes.

The food at The Woodshed is fine, but the setting is great.

Kudos to the city of Fort Worth and Tim Love for putting something together that takes advantage of the Trinity River. It's about time. The view is charming and during Colonial this place should be crammed.

Will The Woodshed become a Fort Worth mainstay like Joe Ts? As long as there are enough people who don't mind paying for the atmosphere, it should do fine.

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Bob from Fort Worth

tim love is the man. i love his new spot. if i could eat there morning noon and night, i would.

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