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Baylor's Brittney Griner is the best player in the history of her sport

Dumb 3 Harry: Yeah I called her up. She gave me a bunch of crap about me not listening to her, or something. I don't know, I wasn't really paying attention. 

For those fans who enjoyed Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels in the immortal "Dumb and Dumber" good news - a real sequel starring these two is scheduled to begin filming this year.

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Women's hoops doesn't generate a lot of headline-worthy material, but there is exception because one particular player is just so exceptional.

The NCAA women's tournament ends tonight with top-seeded Baylor going 40-0 by defeating Notre Dame in the title game in Denver. A sincere congrats to an incredible athletic year by Baylor:

* Heisman winner in RGIII and an Alamo Bowl win for the football team, plus wins against Oklahoma, Texas and TCU.
* Men's basketball team that finished in the Elite 8 where it joined the ranks of getting spanked by Kentucky.
* The women's team will win it all, and features the best player in the nation.

Baylor people, enjoy this. This doesn't happen very often.

Com_120331_espnw_brittney_griner_sc_interviewBaylor has the best women's basketball player to come around since, since ever.
Brittney Griner is better than:

1. Sheryl Swoopes
2. Diana Taurasi
3. Lisa Leslie
4. Rebecca Lobo
5. Ann Meyers
6. Swin Cash
7. Katrina McClain (played like a really mean dude)

Forget Griner's dunks, no woman's player has ever affected an entire game the way she does, defensively or offensively. She embarrasses people.

About the only one I can think of who could compare is Cheryl Miller, but the competition she faced at USC in the '80s is not an apples-apples comparison.

Griner is so good because:
a.) She is 6-foot-8.
b.) Griner moves like she is 5-foot-8. Historically taller women who play basketball tend to be play stationary, and normally aren't blessed with the greatest eye-hand coordination. Griner is not some gangly, awkward young woman.

There is nothing another team can do to stop this Griner from doing whatever she wants. It speaks to her ability, and the giant gaps that exists in this game from one player to the next. 

Women's basketball doesn't generate a lot of pop these days, but Griner is truly the exceptional exception that makes tonight's particular game worth a look.


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wrong. seriously? no mention, even, of candace parker? (who is 6-5 and puts the ball on the floor like a male point guard and moves like a much smaller player. plus, she's hot). Griner won't even be among the 3 best players on the olympic team this summer. COME ON MAC! (Man i must be bored). You left out like 4 or 5 of the best women's players ever on that list. parker, catchings (yes, i said it. not a homer. like a 3-time league def. POY and an MVP). tina thompson. let's not forget that parker won NCAA player of the year, olympic gold AND wnba MVP in the same calendar year


sorry, catchings 4-time defensive POY. and parker also won NCAA title in that same calendar year. you can't compare griner and her adam's apple to lisa leslie, who changed the game. she's like the babe ruth of women's hoops. WOW. I'M EITHER DRUNK OR BORED TALKING ABOUT WOMEN'S HOOPS AT 3:42 AM. ok, miss you guys. call me sometime


also ... for you ... i hope kentucky doesn't raise the banner too high. they'll need to get it down in 3 years when calipari's next inquiry comes in and kansas winds up being champs after all. keep your champagne chilled ... !


She's a man people. face the fact.

The Pride of Baylor

Finally, a sports writer that got it right.

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