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Confidence in the Texas Longhorn quarterback position appears lacking

AnneV_vizMaroon 5 frontman Adam Levine and his girlfriend have decided to call it a day after two years. According to this "breaking" story, they decided to be supportive. It would be better if one or the other, or both, said in a statement, "We have decided to be vindictive, petty and vengeful as we move forward in our breakup."

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The Longhorn Network allegedly still exists, somewhere, but quality fall programming remains an iffy proposition. It will remain that way until Mack Brown can find someone at quarterback he likes.

Right now the QB position in Austin remains between "This Guy We Think Can Play" and "That Guy We Are Pretty Sure Can't". 

The Texas Longhorns brought to you by ESPN played the annual spring game on Sunday, and David Ash appears to be the clear No. 1 man for the job. 

I refuse to put any stock into the statistics generated from a spring game, so just assume Ash did better than Case McCoy. And know that there exists a major drop between the first and second units in Austin.

Even though quality quarterbacks are abundance in this state, this position remains a serious issue for Texas' flagship school. Until Mack gets one, there is going to be a problem. As it is right now, the best QB in Texas is in Fort Worth in TCU's Casey Pachall.

David-ash-QB-holiday-bowlOn paper, Ash is the better guy in Austin. He is only a sophomore with 13 games of experience, plus he is 6-foot-3, 222. The upside is greater with Ash than McCoy, who plays like a slightly smaller version of his older brother Colt.

UT's 2011 QB problems were not all because of the quarterback himself. There were serious issues on the offensive line, and a lack of quality receivers and running backs. The arrival of Aledo's Jonathan Gray should immediately change the running back issue.

The Horns open the 2012 season on Sept. 1 against Wyoming. If Ash is the guy and plays like the guy from the start, this will solve a lot of problems immediately. If Mack has to alternate between Ash and Case McCoy again, nothing has changed from a team that finished 4-5 in the Big 12 last year.


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