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Dallas Mavericks 3-headed center monster is adequate replacement for Tyson Chandler

318470DALLAS - The loss of Tyson Chandler has been a much lamented, and criticized, move because it created a giant hole defensively for the Dallas Mavericks. In his place has not been just Brendan Haywood, but a combination of Haywood, Ian Mahinmi and Brendan Wright.

"We've been using all three guys most of the year," Mavericks coach Rick Carlisle said. "We are going to need Mahinmi and Wright no matter what. Our three-headed animal at center, we need all of three of those guys. One is a fast one, is a medium one, and one is a large one. We need them all."

Chandler may not be a scorer, but the man can defend the perimeter, block shots, and finish as well as 7-footer in the league. Chandler currently leads the NBA in field goal percentage, and is 14th in blocks.

Carlisle places an absolute premium on defense, and here is how the Mavs matchup with the 3-headed center vs. Chandler.

Mavs Rebounding Diff.
2011-12: 23rd (minus 1.6)
2010-11: 11th (plus 0.7)

Mavs Opp FG %
2011-12: 7th (.432)
2010-11: 7th (.450)

Mavs Opp. Points
2011-12: t-4th (93.3)
2010-11: t-9th (96.0)

2011-12: 13th (5.1)
2010-11: 23rd (4.3)

Brendan Haywood 43 g., 22.2 mpg., 5.6 ppg., 6.6 rpg., 1.02 bpg.
Ian Mahinmi 52 g., 19.2 mpg., 6.2 ppg., 4.9 rpg., .52 bpg.
Brendan Wright 38 g., 14.7 mpg., 6.3 ppg., 3.1 rpg., 1.3 blg.

Tyson Chandler 74 g., 27.8 mpg., 10.1 ppg., 9.4 rpg., 1.08 blg.
Brendan Haywood 72 g., 18.5 mpg., 4.4 ppg., 5.2 rpg., 1.03 blg.

Analysis: Rebounding, rebounding, rebounding. The Mavs have done OK with this three-headed monster, but ultimately this rebounding differential, and plays at the basket, are going to hurt them in the playoffs.

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