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Dark Knight Rises news - it gets a rating

1295795868677In keeping with the first two movies of the Batman triology, the new Dark Knight Rises will be rated PG-13.

Both Batman Begins and The Dark Knight each earned that rating for intense action sequences, disturbing images and some thematic elements.

The only difference in the description given by the MPAA between the first two of this series and the Dark Knight Rises is "some sensuality".

Hmmm ... will Christian Bale's Batman take Anne Hathaway's Catwoman to see Titanic 3D? 

Or will Michael Caine's Alfred reveal his true feelings for Morgan Freeman's Lucius Fox?

This movie hits theaters July 18. Why can't it just be July 18 right now????!!!!!





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In January 2012, six months prior to the film's release, tickets for midnight IMAX showings in New York, San Francisco, and Los Angeles went on sale and sold out immediately. Purchased tickets have surfaced for sale online for over $100 dollars, compared to their original price of $17.50

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