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Dear Mark Cuban & Dallas Mavericks - who are you kidding?

137242705_crop_650x440The way things stand today your Dallas Mavericks NBA basketball team will open on the road at L.A. in the Staples Center in the first round of the playoffs in a 6 vs. 3 series.

The Mavs are scheduled to play the wrong L.A. If the Mavs can get on a tiny roll here they can catch No. 5 Memphis and face the Clippers in the first round. They can win that series. Maybe the Mavs can slip a little more and slip to No. 7 and take their chances with Los Spurs.

Right now winning one playoff series will be a major accomplishment for the defending NBA champion Mavericks. If they draw the Lakers, forget it. Even without Kobe Bryant the Mavs did not have enough to defeat the Lakers on Sunday in L.A. and lost in overtime; the Lakers swept the season series.

The Mavs' made 12 of 21 from 3, and still lost. They were out-rebounded 52-42, and 15-6 on the offensive glass.

All season the Mavs have said "just get in the playoffs" and they like their chances. As defending NBA champions, they have earned that right. Mark Cuban, Dirk Nowitzki, Donnie Nelson, Jason Terry, Rick Carlisle, Shawn Marion, Jason Kidd and a few others earned their defending NBA champion status, and the right to prove to us they know what they are doing.

But with five games remaining in the regular season, now feels like a good time to ask - who are we kidding?

Whatever mojo the team had created last season is gone, and its place is a series of decent pros who play fairly hard and compete but just aren't quite talented enough.



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Even if they make the play offs their TOAST in the first round. They'll win maybe one game then they will be on vacation. At least they won one championship, where the cows will never win another SB as long as Jaharry is running the football operations.

Lamar Odum

They should have kept me on the rooster. I would have won them another ring.

Jet Live

It's not over for the Mavs yet. Don't wave the white flag just yet. We could go on a run.

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