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Dear NBA: More compressed 66-game regular seasons

Rick+Carlisle+Dallas+Mavericks+v+Phoenix+Suns+qKYUJ38EBpQlDALLAS - Where/how can the NBA fan sign a contract extension for another few years of this compressed 66-game regular season?

This NBA season was unique because of the lockout and the hurried nature of the entire league year, but I have loved it. Give me more four games in two nights, please.

Pretty much everyone associated with the teams from the players to the coaches to the support staffs are gassed because they aren't used to this baseball-style pace. 

It has made for better theater. A fewer number of games increased the level of importance on each one, and you could watch your team play pretty much all the time. Did the quality of player suffer? Yes, but ... it didn't seem to bother the viewer/fan/customer.

There is an added level of unknown going into the playoffs that is normally associated with the NCAA tournament. The Heat, Bulls, Spurs, Lakers and the Thunders are the favorites, but it is easy to envision of these teams losing before the NBA Finals.

"I am enjoying this season because you have to have the mindset of making the best of whatever the situation," Dallas Mavericks coach Rick Carlisle EXCLUSIVELY TOLD ME! recently. "But come next year, we'll have certain realizations about the NBA regular season. It's not going to seem as busy as it normally does. That's probably a positive thing. And we'll learn from this going forward that will help us, and me, too. 

"But as far as what my preference is? With a veteran team, if you had to spin a wheel or push a button, you'd want a regular type of season with a month-long training camp," Carlisle said. "That's not in the cards. We have to make the best of this."

Soon enough the NBA will return to the 82-game regular season, complete with only a smattering of back-to-backs and plenty of days off in between.


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Love to see a compressed schedule next year. Not going to happen but it would be fun. 60 games would be perfect.

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