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Delonte West's wet/dry willie is either punk or funny depending on who signs your check

AqpfhAxCQAABPeoBy now you are well aware of the fact that Dallas Mavericks guard Delonte West gave Utah Jazz Gordan Hayward forward a dry-wet willie during the Mavs' 3-OT loss in Salt Lake City on Monday night. Has to be an NBA first. At least he didn't bite his ear.

My first reaction: Kinda funny, but ultimately really punk, and zero-class. Today I watched the replay on the feeds from both the Jazz broadcasters.

Here is the transcript from the Jazz broadcast team of Craig Bolerjack and, I think, Ron Boone:

Craig Bolerjack: There is a foul on Delonte West trying to slow down Hayward.

(At this point, West does the wet wllie; it should be noted everyone initially missed Hayward's pop to West that prompted this exchange)

Craig Bolerjack: How about that?

Ron Boone:
 Tell me the ref' didn't see that? That's unbelievable. He should be thrown out of the game right there.

Craig Bolerjack: Cheap shot in the biggest way. How did three officials miss it?

Ron Boone: This is inexcusable that three officials missed that.

Craig Bolerjack: What is that? That is the low of lows of sportsmanship. I don't know if I have ever seen that in professional sports. A finger in the ear?

Ron Boone: The tape doesn't lie. That's just uncalled for. 

How did the Dallas Mavericks crew see it? Not quite the same way. I failed to record the clip during the broadcast, but Mavs play by play man Mark Followill laughed when he watched the replay. 

ESPN 103.3 FM personality, and part-time Mavs TV contributor, Jeff "Skin" Wade Tweeted: "Whatever Delonte just did to young Gordon is wildly amusing"

Deduction: As I wrote in an earlier post, each broadcast team knows who signs their check. Call it a wise business decision.


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John Tyler

West is absolutely a thug racist. There is no way in hell West would ever do that to a black man. Never. Hayward is a class act and I'm glad he did not turn around and rightfully retaliate. The fact remains this: West needs to be suspended without pay and fined. He is a racist and has disrespected the Mavs, the Jazz and the NBA. If Cuban does not fine him, then we know the type of person Cuban wants on his roster. Odem no, West yes.

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