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Former TCU linebacker Tanner Brock to transfer to UTEP

69b42_tcu-p1Recently drafted Buffalo Bills linebacker Tank Carder told 105.3 FM The Fan that his former teammate, Tanner Brock, is transferring to UTEP. The TCU linebacker was selected in the fifth round of the NFL draft.

UTEP has not confirmed this. A UTEP spokesperson said, "Nothing official at this point".

Tanner Brock was kicked off the Horned Frogs' football team when he and three teammates were arrested for distribution of illegal drugs in February.

Brock was TCU's leading tackler in 2010, but injured his ankle in 2011 and missed most of the season.

Moving to El Paso for Brock makes sense. His younger brother, Cooper, is a defensive lineman for the Miners.

According to NCAA transfer rules, Tanner Brock would have to sit out one season. He would have one year of eligbility remaining. 

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"Moving to El Paso for Brock makes sense. His younger brother, Cooper, is a defensive lineman for the Miners."

"Also, it is significantly closer to large quantities of Marijuana coming from Mexico. Said Brock, 'Dude, I am like, SO totally STOKED!'"

get a life

Everyone that has commented sounds very unintelligent. You are all clearly jealous that even after hum screwing up he still has more chance to play D1 football than any of you ever had.

"The" OSU

Yep. You got me. So jealous that I'll never get to list on my resume, "convicted felon." Completely bitter, really, that I'll never get to explain to my family why they saw on national television a conversation between me and po-po where I am bragging about failing a drug test, and selling drugs to said po-po. Gosh, I wish I had that dude's life right now...... NOT!


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