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Grading the Dallas Cowboys draft: Who knows?

Nfl_u_claiborne12_600According to the Dallas Cowboys earned a B-plus on their draft.

Here is the real truth about grading the Dallas Cowboys' 2012 draft class: We don't have a clue. Grading an incoming draft class is almost as accurate as those college football recruiting rankings. They are very fun to read, but should be taken with a grain of a salt truck.

Because no one can really know:

a. How a player is going to react to being on his own as a young adult.
b. If he cares any more about playing a game he has played probably since he was five.
c. If he has already reached his ceiling.
d. How the NFL lifestyle is going to affect him.
e. If he is done growing.
f. How he is going to react to being punched in the mouth for the first time by a 33-year-old trying to protect his six-figure salary.
g. What he is going to do when his coodinator or position coach who likes another guy instead, and playing time is altered because of it.
h. What is going to happen when he is the focus of adulation, or the wrath of fans and media. 

These and so many other variables are going to affect Morris Claiborne, Kyle Wilber, Matt Johnson and the rest of the 2012 Dallas Cowboys' draft class that if anyone at Valley Ranch could accurately predict their future performance he is wasting his time in the NFL. Go straight to Wall Street, or Vegas.

Considering what the Dallas Cowboys gave up to acquire him, Mo Claiborne must be a star. As for the rest? Three of these guys need to be solid replacements, and eventually comprise the "guts" of the team for this to be called a "good' draft.

Love Claiborne's talent, don't love what it took to acquire him. The Cowboys were not one player away last year to give away another potentially high caliber player in the second round. Boise State defensive end Tyrone Crawford is going to need to get bigger. 

And the rest? Matt Johnson is going to have every single opportunity to prove he can play.

For the sake of fun ... go with a B. Hope half of them stick.


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Larry S. from Lakeside

The draft went well. The draft went bad. It doesn't matter. We need a ton of help. Our confrence and schedule is difficult. If we win 7 games I will be stunned. Let's hope the drat was fruitful. We are going to need the help. This season is going to be brutal.

Cowboys Fan

I actually liked the Cowboys draft. I like Claiborne and the rest of the lot. Its not going to be enough but I think this draft class shows a lot of promise. The Cowboys are too bad of a team and need a lot more help. No way we even sniff the playoffs next season. I'm hopeful this draft class can be help us makes the playoffs in a few years.


Claiborne is a nice pick. Exspensive. But good. Next season is going to be one of the worst we've had in years. Short of some huge surprise, I don't see the Boys being any good for the next couple of years. Love to trade Romo away for a ton of draft picks. We need help.


Giving up a #2nd round pick to get a shut down corner is a no-brainer. That pick along with the strong safty Matt Johnson. Great asscessment of the draft Mr engle.

Sanger , 1984 rules

Here is my thoughts on Washington drafting, two Qb's in the draft. Whether the one is there to push RGIII. or not. I seem to remember Jimmy Johnson drafting Steve Walsh at quarterbach, after taking Troy Aikman with the number one pick. Three superbowls latter and no one is complaining. Maybe the skins arte thinking the same.


I can be as hard on Dallas as anyone, but for a team that was one Miles Austin catch (or T. New interception) from knocking the Giants out of the playoff hunt, I don't think they have regressed. They have greatly upgraded the CB position, the O-line will have some more seasoning, and they should have a much better starting RB. The only place they might have regressed is WR, but who knows. I can still see 8-8, or 9-7 as minimum expectations and a possible wild card bearth. Nobody at Thanksgiving had the NYG picked to win the Super Bowl....

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