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Here come the rumors: Baylor QB Robert Griffin III is apparently "selfish"

Robert-Griffin-III-Heisman-490While the Indianapolis Colts have reportedly told Stanford quarterback Andrew Luck they intend to select him with the No. 1 overall pick in the NFL draft next week (stunning, right?), Baylor quarterback Robert Griffin III is apparently a selfish such-and-such.

Between the end of the college season and the actual start of the NFL draft there is so much dead time it allows for players to be picked apart by analysts, scouts, GMs, fans; now the word out is that RGIII is selfish and that not everyone at Baylor is a fan.

According to this post on, a scout said RGIII has a "little bit of a selfish streak. He doesn't treat anybody good."

Nice use of the English language, at.

This from NFL Network reporter Albert Breer, who Tweeted this morning: "Not that Griffin's a bad guy, but that there is a bit of a sense of entitlement there, and perception is off." 

And this Breer Tweet in response to a follower: "Everyone down to ballboys & equipment guys at Auburn loved Cam (Newton). Not sure it was like that at Baylor."

These are not Breer's opinion, rather just some things he has heard in reporting.

As much as I like RGIII, and as fantastic as he was for Baylor University, I could see in the rough-and-tough, throat-cutting world of professional football how RGIII's personality could potentially come across as elitist or holier than thou. Pontetial NFL rookies have the impossible challenge of being confident, yet humble, and grateful for the opportunity to be spit on by a seasoned professional.

This will not prevent the Washington Redskins from selecting RGIII with the second overall pick (poor guy) but me also thinks this is a steaming pile of bulljunk. I am more impressed by the fact it took this long for someone to say something negative about RGIII. 

Humility is getting ready to pay RGIII a visit whether he wants it or not. Same for Luck. RGIII's teammates, and NFL colleagues, will make sure of it. 


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No Merit

Don't believe the hype. It's just GM's from The League trying to beat down the price of getting a highly rated quarterback. That is all. RG has proven himself a good man and a great player all during his time while at Baylor. The guy is a rock star and the Washington Redskins will be lucky to have him. Game over.


I don't think that he will be a bust, but I just do not think that he will be a super star in the NFL. Reason being, a run first QB just does not last a full season in the Pro's. I really hope that I'm wrong because he seems to be a really good guy and I hope that he does have a great career in the pro's. It will even be harder on him going to the skins, feel sorry for him on that point.

jack b.

I'm loving RGIII. This stuff is a bunch of junk. He can play. He carries himself very well. And he represents his school with charm, grace, and class. Don't believe it. RG is the real dea.

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