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Jerry does as Jerry does & packages too much for Dallas Cowboys to land LSU DB

140127466_extra_largeWhat must it be like to live in Jerry Jones' head and be so unafraid to take such massive, giantic swings? 

Just when you thought he had learned from past risks, there was Jerry on Thursday night and not trading down but up to land the player the Dallas Cowboys rated as the second best player in the entire NFL draft.

The Cowboys moved up from No. 14 to No. 6 to acquire LSU defensive back Morris Claiborne, who won the Thorpe Award last season. (FYI - Recently waived Cowboys DB Terence Newman won the Thorpe Award at Kansas State.)

Love the player, hate the fact the Cowboys gave up their second round pick to acquire him. Even though this team has a history of missing on second round picks, the Cowboys need more good bodies. My preference was quality at No. 14 and No. 45, but ... as Jerry says, "That's as dead as Napoleon."

This leaves the Cowboys with Mike Jenkins, Claiborne, Orlando Scandrick and Brandon Carr to man the corner positions. This is also a clear shot at Jenkins to get healthy and have a career year, or his replacement is right next to him.

Adding Claiborne should, in theory, give Cowboys defensive coordinator Rob Ryan the man-on-man cover corner he needs to be able to bring an extra defender to pressure the quarterback. The Cowboys were painfully exposed at this position last season when Newman could no longer keep up with top receivers.

Can't argue with Claiborne's talent and ability; he was rated as the very best corner in this draft. It was just an awful lot to get him.


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Jerry jones....what are you thinking moron?


Jerry jones....what are you thinking moron?

Scotty Harris

Yessss!! Welcome to Dallas Mr Claiborne. Now we can cover other teams speedy receivers. I'm not a fan of Jerry but I Love the Cowboys. Finally Jerry pulled the trigger on a can't miss player. Cowboy fans should be elated that we got him!


The second round was cheap. That 2nd was later in the round. The question is would you take who was left available at 14 and a late 2nd or the potential of this special player.


mac enggel is an idiot according to the trade chart the cowboys should have gave the rams 14,45,112 to move to 6 do your job engel u need to be fired your wife should be fired also


Jerry always has to go with flash. I heard this guy scored a 4 on the wunderlich test. Add that to the fact that he's too short - 5'11" and too light - 188lbs and teams like the Giants will be throwing over him or just shoving him out the way. Jerry could have solidified the lines in the first 2 rounds, instead we get this. I give up.

Space Ghost

I'm not sure who is dumber; Jerry Jones for picking this guy. Mac Ingel for writing about it or me for reading about it. This draft is a total bust. Cowboys will not win 8 games next year. I'm soooo over this crap.


You can throw the trade chart out the window. The Boys overpaid for the pick regardless of what the trade chart says. They were the only team to make a trade last night and give up their 2nd rd pick. That means no one in the draft was going by the trade chart last night! Well...Except the Cowboys! And then for Jerry to say last night that he was their highest rated CB to come out of the draft since Deion? That makes me question their evaluation process...


Disagree with you on this. He may not be that good, but if he is, Dallas needed a corner disparately. ONE second round pick isn't too much to pay for a really good corner. Someone who shuts down a team's top receiver, and takes away half the field? It just depends if he is really good.

Long Ball

Mac, look it up on the trade value chart (which once again is applicable, now that there's a rookie salary scale) . . . #6 = 1600 points, #14 = 1100 points, #45 = 450 points. Jerry got +50 points of value, which is exactly the value of their first 4th round choice, #122 . . . a pick that is still in their pocket!

The Big Mac Blog

In regards to the Trade Value Chart ... I suppose only the Dallas Cowboys have access to that? Why did the Rams disregard it? It's a giant risk. Period. Love the player, don't like giving up a second round pick to get it.


1st. Jerry Jones did the right thing and stuck to his draft board. Morris Claiborne was reported to be the second best player on Dallas Cowboys draft board, only behind who else? Andrew Luck.
2nd. As big of a surprise as it was that the Cowboys traded up from the 14th spot to the 6th spot to nab Claiborne, it was more of a surprise that Claiborne was still there. Months and Months of leading up the draft mock drafts, and I read a ton since feb 18th to April 26th, minutes before the draft, Claiborne was "destined" to go to either number # 3 Vikings or # 5 at the time Tampa Bay Buccaneers, so to get him at 6 you got a steal. Jerry stole from GM Bucs Dominik, and Dominik can act as if he was prepared to make the selection of Mark Barron at # 7, but was he really ready to make the pick? If so why did he wait till there was 30 seconds left on the clock? Just to enjoy the phone conversation I assume.
3. Giving up a second round pick can not be minimized and reduced to nothing, especially when Garrett was quoted in the Dallas Cowboys press conference saying "Your expectations of the first and second round players are that they are starters sooner than later." So, we did lose one potential day one starter in this draft, but we will get production out of last years second round pick Bruce Carter for this season. Also remember, Atlanta Falcons sky rocketed up the draft last year, traded with Cleveland to select their beloved Julio Junes, and as a result lost this years first round pick, but I guess that doesnt seem as a big deal to most, because he doesnt have as big of ego as JJ, just bigger hair.
4th. This talk about Terrence Newman and he didnt work out when he was a Thorpe award winner, and the cowboys selected him at number #5, well thats stupid. Terrence Newman played 9 years for the Cowboys in their secondary, voted to two pro bowls (last one 2007), 32 INTS in his career. Did he fall off last season? Yes, absolutely. It was embarrassing watching him get hurdled over by Giants tight end Jake Ballard Especially in the game that mattered the most.
5 The Dallas Cowboys should not be looked at as done trading up or down, I wouldnt be shocked if they found away to get back into the second round. They got two 4th round picks, one a compensation pick, and a 3rd round pick. They could always do more.
6. Lastly Morris Claiborne WILL NOT BE AS GREAT AND ELECTRIFYING AS PATRICK PETERSON IN THE RETURN GAME, BUT HE WILL BE A MUCH BETTER COVER CORNER THAN PATRICK PETERSON. Claiborne is projected to be as great as DARELLE REVIS, which in this pass happy league, who wouldnt want to trade their second, third, next years first for?


The writer of this column has no idea what he is saying. Makes no difference what Jones and the Cowboy's do there is always going to be the haters.

This write needs to take a good look in the mirror. Might be suprised at what they see.

Welcome Morris Claiborne to the Cowboy's. All are not so negative as the writer of this opinion.

David Q

Immature article without thought. Jerry now has Mike Jenkins and Felix expendable to move back into the second round. Also, he could package his two fourth rounders to bounce up.

The trade was great. There is only about 10 players a year that come out of college NFL READY right away. Claiborne is one of those players. Jerry gave up a second round pick. Leaving 6 more picks to fill bodies with. It's not rocket science. The top two rounds don't produce the BEST NFL players at all. It's overrated to say the least.

Jason/Jerry/Stephen has started drafting right the last 3 years. Yet, we have cry babys like you that can't see beyond the 'hype' of a second round pick. At 14 we would of got an average player in development. Maybe you didn't see barron go at 6.

Great move. Fair price for both teams. Rams need bodies. We need a final one or two pieces.

David Q

Also, no one thought Claiborne would drop out of the top 3. On most charts Claiborne is the 2nd to 3rd best player available in this draft. So, Jerry traded up from mid-round to get a top 5 pick.

Did you see what the redskins gave up to get number two? Or the falcons last year?

Come to terms with it. This move was bold, but also intelligent.


mac engal must be smoking crack. getting claiborne best move in nfl draft. engal is just a hater and trying to get folks read his dumb post. look at me i fell for his dumb comments too, smh.

Water + Dirt = mud

The Big Mack Blog is a piece of crap but I do love the comments.

Mack... please keep writing your crappy articles and we'll keep telling you what a no-nothing idiot you are.

Sag Bo

The incompetence to note here is not by Jerry Jones, but by Mac Engel. The thing that shows up time and time again is our lack of defensive playmakers. Who on our defense makes plays. Kudos to JJ and team for getting a playmaker.

They did not overpay. Besides the draft chart indicating they got somewhat of a bargain, the draft and free agency period is not over.

The greatest incompetence is by idiotic fans saying things like 5'11" is too short for a CB when in reality that's a good size...same as Darrelle Revis. Besides that, this dude used to play WR and attacks the ball.

It's one thing to think they overpaid, but to think this dude is not beast is just dumb. So fans like Suicidal who give up...please leave and go find another team because if I have to keep reading your garbage I will become suicidal!

Sag Bo

One more thing to those who think we needed to focus on the line more. How many times did we lose games in the 4th quarter because we couldn't get off the field. Wide open receivers, or DBs missing interceptions or looking lost.

I wouldn't have been upset had we moved up slightlyto get Gilmore if we slid to 10 or lower either. Our DBs have not gotten it done.


The Big Mark Blog is garbage. I blame his parents. Why does anybody even let him write a blog at all. Jerrie Jonez is a gud GM. We need a defensive back and y doesnt' Romo play both ways?!? We have g0tten a grate team. We just ned to have fiath. GO COWBOYZ!!!

Black Glove

I usually don't read The Big Mac Blog but I do like the Cowboys and am always interested in what's going on with the team. I think this is a fair and balanced article. The author seems honest. And let's face it, honest is hard to come by. It may not be popular but honesty is valuable and it helps us stay grounded.

The Sports Authority

Everyone in "expertland" who studied this kid said the same thing - CONSENSUS #1 DEFENSIVE PLAYER IN THE DRAFT!

Dallas got what should be a sure thing lock to be a 10-yr starter in the league for two ?? - that's a win.

As for the other talent, if you believe anything Broaddus has to say...Dallas got a ton of it.

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