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Larry Brown proves once again he is bored

9be3eedb76dde3f5e8f8e8c203128119SMU's desire to be competitive in men's basketball appears sincere when it flirted with St. Louis men's college basketball coach Rick Majerus, who has now talked to every college program in the nation at one point or another.

But now The Ponies appear to be just a bit desperate in talking to, and from the sounds of it very likely hiring, former Davidson/Carolina Cougars/Denver Nuggets/UCLA Bruins/New Jersey Nets/Kansas Jayhawks/San Antonio Spurs/L.A. Clippers/Indiana Pacers/Philadelphia 76ers/Detroit Pistons/NY Knicks/Charlotte Bobcats head coach Larry Brown.

Nothing says continuity and stability like Larry Brown.

Recruit: "Coach, how long are you going to be at SMU?"

Larry Brown: "Don't read anything into my past. I'm here for the long haul - at least another two weeks."

How bored must he be? It's not like he needs the money. The Knicks will be paying him off until 3423.

Speaking of, it would be great if SMU hires Isaiah Thomas as its athletic director.

I may be in the minority, but I like this hire if for no other reason than it should be great theater.

Hiring Brown will create an immediate interest in SMU basketball unseen in forever. This will be a large local, and national, story. I look forward to the introductory press conference. Brown is older, which means he is unafraid of his opinion and has no problem calling people out.

There may not be a better teacher of basketball, certainly point guards, than Brown. He is one of the great X & O, gets-more-out-of-less than perhaps any other coach in the last 30 years.

He is also 71-year-old man who has repeatedly demonstrated he can sit still about as well as a 3-year-old. A former Brown associate once told me, "The man can really coach, but he is a bit of an odd duck." College basketball is not like 1988, when Brown last coached at this level for Kansas. Brown routinely tires of his players, which in college basketball is a rub. If he is able to find an assistant who can get him players Brown may be able to win a little in Dallas, and set it up for his successor.

By hiring Brown SMU has shown it wants to win in men's basketball but it may as well have the search committee in place to find his replacement.

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Albert L.

Brown at SMU is huge. I don't think anybody even knows that SMU has a basketball team. Brown is a winner as much as he is a gypsy. If they can keep him there for 3 or 4 years there is no way he won't make huge improvements in the team.

Also, I liked your line about Isaiah Thomas becoming an AD or anything. He was great with IU, Detroit.... and then a total dud ever since. The though of Isaiah doing anything for anybody is laughable. SMU, and everybody else, is better off without the headache.


We need him. Love to see him here at SMU.

John from Grand Praire

SMU needs this one bad. SMU is a great school and is deserving of national attention. Larry Brown gives us that instantly. I read on-line today the hang up is if Larry Brown will get to bring his assistants/'coach-in-waiting'. If this is the hang up, I pray administration works thru this one asap. Brown would be huge for the program, boost enrollment, raise the profile of the school, compliment what the football team is doing, and put SMU back in the mix.


Jason from Big D

Sounds like coach Brown is coming to SMU!!! This will put the ponies on the map!!!! NCAA Tourney here we come!

Craig James Killed 5 Hookers While at SMU!

You all do realize that Mac is mocking your university, right? By the way, the Isiah comment was pure sarcasm.

Jim H.

Larry Brown is coming to SMU! I got a buddy who is very connected in administration and he is saying it's a 'done deal'. Sounds like Larry wants to help create the 'Pony Express' for our basketball team!


I'm praying for you!


Yes, we realize this TCU homer is mocking us, much like we mock your fat, whiny pig of a football coach who lives in a van down by the river.

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