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Mission Really, Really Impossible: The Dallas Stars into the NHL playoffs

Mission-impossible-66-tv-02-gThe Dallas Stars' gag-job down the stretch is one of the more impressive stink jobs this town has seen since The Dallas Cowboys December Demise Vol. IX, Rangers' Game 6, Texas A&M's entire 2011 season, etc. Take your pick.

Since I keep picking the Stars to make the playoffs, and the law of averages will eventually see that I am right, I will remain interested until the regular season ends this weekend.

Tonight, the Stars travel to Nashville to play the fifth-seeded Predators in the hockey hotbed that is Nashville, Tennessee. The Stars may have the second-lowest payroll in the NHL, but they have only themselves to blame for this 3-7 stretch. They had a playoff spot in the bag.

Here is how the NHL Western Conference playoff scene looks; every team has 2 games remaining.

No. 3 LA Kings, 93 pts. 7-2-1 in last 10; at home & at San Jose
No. 7 Coyotes, 92 points. 6-2-2 in last 10; at Stl & home against Minn.
No. 8 Sharks, 92 points. 6-4-0 in last 10; at home & at LA
No. 9 Stars, 89 points. 3-7-0 in last 10; at Nash & home against Stl

Basically, the Stars have to get four points and pray.

This does give us the chance to watch the original Mission Impossible opener:


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