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Movie review: "Goon" has fun with the enforcers of hockey

GOON_posterJust know that no movie about hockey will ever compare to "Slapshot". If you can just get that idea out of your head, you can watch the new Sean William Scott film, "Goon".

The story: Sean William Scott (forever known for his role as Stifler in the American Pie series) is Doug Glatt, a directionless idiot bouncer who is a nice guy but is fully aware that he just limited. He can take a punch, and he can really fight.
By accident, he lands a job as the enforcer for a local semi-pro ice hockey team. His role is to protect the team's top player, Xavier Laflamme (Marc-Andre Grondin); Glatt is Marty McSorley and Laflamme is Gretzky.
Glatt's life begins to take on a function and meaning as he finds a purpose, which leads to fame, a girlfriend and a whole new life.

The people: Scott is pretty good as the idiot who comes to find embrace his identity as an enforcer who is eager to standup for his new teammates. Scott is a bit estranged from well-to-do family, led by his doctor father, played by the great Eugene Levy. Alison Pill has a few funny moments as the "girlfriend". Actual former NHL enforcer Georges Laraque has a brief part in this movie.
Liev Schreiber, wearing a mullet, steals the end of the movie as the aging enforcer who tries to warn Glatt about the dangers of thinking he's a hockey player. 

Fight scenes: Over the top, bloody and cartoonish. No hockey fight goes the way these are depicted. If they did, guys would be dead.

Funny: Some scenes, in particular the dialogue between the coach and some of the players in between periods of a game, are a riot. Some of the fights have their moments.

Eye candy: Alison Pill plays Scott's love interest, Eva, who has a boyfriend but really, really, really loves fights, blood, violence, and is just a bit sexually liberated.

Holes: Scott's character supposedly can't play hockey, can't skate, and in no time he is skating just fine. 

Should you see it: As long as you don't expect Slapshot, you're fine. 


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This one looks good. If it stays in the theatre long enough, I'm sure I'll go see it.

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