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Oh my ... the Los Angeles Angels are 2001 Texas Rangers' bad but beware of 4th

143233323_crop_650x440In a word: Holy God are the Los Angeles Angels bad. Wait. Sorry. That's more than one word.

We are one day away from the first month of the MLB season being complete and baseball's most expensive offseason operation is a disaster zone.

The L.A. Angels of Northern San Diego are challenging the 2001 Texas Rangers for one of the most expensive worst starts in recent memory:

C.J. Wilson (5 years, $77.5 mil) plus Albert Pujols (10 years, $254 mil) = 7-15 record, 9 games back of first place Texas.

C.J. has been pretty good; he is 2-2 in four starts with a 2.42 ERA. He has 11 walks in 26 innings, but it's hard to be too fusssy over that ERA.

Pujols, however, has been not good. In 88 at bats, he is hitting .216 with 7 doubles, ZERO home runs, and four RBI. Only nine more years on that guaranteed deal. Pujols fully expects his numbers to come around.

But this division history says be careful before writing this team off.

Alex-rodriguez-steroids-with-texas-rangersIn 2001, the Rangers spent heavily on adding Alex Rodriguez, Ken Caminiti, Andres Galarraga to an already pricey bunch (Raffy Palmeiro, Pudge) for a team that wound up in last place by only 43 games.

On April 30, 2001 the Seattle Mariners were 20-5. The Texas Rangers were 11-14, second in the AL West, and nine games back of first place. It was in May when this team completely tanked.

Here is the part that all of Texas Rangers' nation needs to be aware of: In last place on this day in 2001 in the AL West were the Oakland Athletics at 8-17, 12 games out. The A's won 102 games that season to capture the wild card. That stacked "Money Ball" team gagged against the Yankees in the ALDS.

Bank on the Angels getting their stuff together, and Pujols going on some tear that boosts his numbers closer to his career average. The question will be is whether it is too late.

BTW - The Angels visit the Rangers for the first time on May 11 for a three-game, weekend series.

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