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Solid spellieng at the NCAA Final Four

The NCAA repeatedly tells us that nearly all of its student athletes turn pro in something else (unless you are the Kentucky Wildcats, in which case you are going to the NBA tomorrow morning).

Apparently the very few NCAA student athletes who did not graduate are in charge of all NCAA signage.

In case you can't see the gaffe immediately, here is a hint: look at the green banner ad just atop the court. It reads, "2013 MEN'S FINAL FOUR - ALANTA" Probably failed auto correct.

 This photo was one of the very few items that could draw my attention away from Anthony Davis' unibrow during the NCAA title game. That thing is hypnotic. Sorry, hypnotick.

BTW - A serious thanks to Big Mac Blog reader Emily Allen; I stole this from her Facebook page. It's not stealing if it's research.


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I don't get it...what is misspelled? Maybe I am an idiot too.


this dude is an idiot...look who he is married to and you will know why he is an idiot!!!!


Talking about someone's wife...stay classy!


laughing! nice catch! i would have never seen that! what's even funnier is the NCAA running ads all tourneyment long touting education. funny stuff

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