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Texas A&M has to be wondering why Ryan Tannehill is a can't-miss QB

Ryan-Tannehill-WifeRyan Tannehill stands 6-foot-3, weighs 222 pounds, can run, obviously has great hands, and has a strong arm which can make "all of the throws". A fantastic athlete. And if it weren't for Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III, Tannehill would have "won" the NFL scouting combine with all of his measurables that scouts crave so much.

One former NFL player and a long time player personell director of an NFL franchise told me "The Senior Bowl and the Combine are a waste of time. What does he do in the game, and does he win? That's what I care about."

Did Tannehill win? After then Aggies coach Mike Sherman played his final card in 2010 and made Tannehill the starting QB over Jarrod Johnson, Tannehill went 6-1 to close out the year. In 20 games as a starter, Tannehill was 13-7.

What did Tannehill do against real competition? Here are those games.

11/6/10 v. Oklahoma 19-of-32, 225 yards, 2 td., 2 int., 126.6 rating. W, 33-19
11/13/10 at Baylor 27-of-38, 280 yards, 1 td., 0 int., 141.6 rating. W, 42-30
11/20/10 v. Nebraska 19-of-29, 172 yards, 0 td., 0 int., 115.3 rating. W, 9-6
11/25/10 at Texas 14-of-30, 128 yards, 1 td., 0 int., 93.5 rating. W, 24-17
1/7/11 v. LSU 22-of-35, 204 yards., 2 rd., 3 int., 113.5 rating. L, 41-24
9/24/11 v. Oklahoma State 28-of-47, 309 yards, 2 td., 3 int., 116.1 rating. L, 30-29
10/1/11 v. Arkansas 25-of-35, 247 yards, 0 td., 1 int., 125 rating. L, 42-38
10/15/11 v. Baylor 25-of-37, 415 yards, 6 td., 1 int., 209.9 rating. W, 55-28
10/29/11 v. Missouri 35-of-53, 317 yards, 3 td., 1 int., 131.2 rating. L, 38-38 (ot)
11/5/11 at Oklahoma 32-of-64, 379 yards, 2 td., 3 int., 100.7 rating. L, 41-25
11/12/11 at Kansas State 27-of-46, 210 yards., 3 td., 1 int., 114.2 rating. L 53-50 (ot)
11/24/11 v. Texas 20-of-49, 224 yards, 2 td., 3 int., 80.4 rating. L, 27-25
12/31/11 v. Northwestern 27-of-40, 329 yards, 1 td, 1 int., 139.8 rating. W, 33-22 

Tannehill looks like a giant "maybe", and a certain reach on NFL draft day. Star-Telegram NFL writer (and way biased Aggie alum) Charean Williams has insisted that Tannehill was going to be a high pick for the past six months. I thought this was crack-pipe stupid, but as the NFL Draft nears it appears as if Williams is right.

Which doesn't mean the NFL team that selects Tannehill will be right.

What did Tannehill do in games? Sometimes he was very good, but never quite good enough. 
Did he win? Sometimes yes. Sometimes no. 
It wasn't all his fault, but the Aggies were painfully close with Tannehill.

Because he is such a good athlete Tannehill should last in the league for a while and make plenty of coin, but I don't see him establishing himself as a big-time starter in the league. 


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Big Earl from Euless

He's a good kid and he can play. But I think you are right. The NFL is too competitive to think he can be a starter. Hopefully he gets on a roster and gets a shot one of these days. He's a really super young man.


Tannehill was good but I don't think he ever bought into what the coach was really trying to get done. He is a good athlete. It's a shame his time in college didn't amount to more. He could have been one of the great ones.


The Fish are in a better position than anyone to know whether RT is starting QB material. That said, if Tannehill and Sherman weren't on the same page at A&M, why would they be in Miami?


Sounds like the writer wanted Tannehill's stats to be worse than they were. He's a question mark, for sure. But so is Griffin. Winning the Heisman doesn't make you an NFL lock, and RGIII lost to Tannehill twice, Weeden, etc.

Lucy alifa

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