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Texas Rangers manager Ron Washington is ejected; do umps have a "magic word"?

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In the Rangers' 5-2 defeat against the Tampa Bay Not Devil Rays on Sunday night, Texas Rangers manager Ron Washington was ejected in the 7th inning, on his 60th birthday no less.

It appeared that Wash' said his peace to the home plate umpire Dan Bellino, who didn't let it go and hit the eject button.

It was only after Wash' was ejected did he get his money's worth. Replays showed Wash' get directly in Bellino's face tossing out a number of choice words that are decidedly NSFW. 

Did Wash' say the "magic word"?

In the movie "Bull Durham", Kevin Costner's Crash Davis is egged into calling the home plate umpire the "magic word" and is ejected.

According to about six major league players over the years I have talked to there is no one certain "magic word" that is a sure thing to an ejection from every single umpire.

"It's more umpire specific," Texas Rangers outfielder Josh Hamilton told me last week when this subject came up.

YwBdK.St.58Every umpire has his breaking point. Most umpires, according to Josh, are going to eject you if you cross their un-written line. Some have a higher tolerance than others.

Major league umpires can be a funny bunch, not to mention a bit thin-skinned. The reason you don't see close plays replayed at your local ballpark? Major league umpires have it in their contract that no close replays will be shown that could potentially incite the masses. Funny, that's not a problem for NFL referees.

MLB umpires sometimes forget people pay to watch baseball players rather than baseball umpires.


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You gotta back our man Wash.

Ron Cox

Why don't Ron Washington place his hand/cap over his heart when they are playing the national anthem like the players do?

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