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Texas Rangers opening day: The greatest hairdos ever

IMG_0616ARLINGTON - Gotta hand it Jalyn and Cole Watts of Hurst, they both manned up for Opening Day.

Here at the Ballpark where a football tailgate broke out, I noticed these two young men and felt the need to share their hair.

Jalyn is 8 1/2 (he's the one smiling); Cole is 6 1/2. This hair was their idea. According to their dad, Jason Watts, he used some colored hair spray to achieve a look that may make Rihanna envious.

Their parents, Jason and Lyndsi, along with their sons and a load of neighbors made it to the Ballpark around 8 a.m. They are Rangers season ticket holders, and one of the thousands enjoying the perfect weather for opening day.

Jason Watts said this hairdo didn't take too long, and that the hairspray will wash out. Really, really hope he is right.


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Ray from Arlington

Love this article. This is why I read your blog. I can get scores and 'highlights' anywhere but these kinds of 'highlights are priceless. Really funny story. These kids great and opening day was perfect.

Keep up the good work. I don't get to read your blog often enough but I always enjoy reading it whenever I do.

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