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Texas Tech wins a title, then loses the entire program

Photo3aHow can Tommy Tuberville be blamed for this one?

Texas Tech hasn't had the best year, but the Red Raiders did win the coveted President's Cup chess tournament. Now Susan Polgar is taking her knights, pawns, kings, queens and the rest of her entire championship team and leaving Lubbock for St. Louis and Webster University.

That's right - Texas Tech chess coach Susan Polgar (right) is taking the entire Texas Tech chess team and moving to Webster University in The Lou.

My initial thought was Pac-12 commish Larry Scott was behind this to "expand" his conference's TV footprint.

It makes you wonder just how many impermissable text messages and phone calls Webster made to Polgar to land this prized team. It's one thing to steal a coach or a player, but this may be unprecedented - one university is taking another university's entire squad.

Click here to learn more about Polgar.

This would be like, say, Baylor landing the entire defending national championship Kentucky Wildcats men's basketball roster for next season. Texas Tech has won two consecutive chess titles. Bet those t-shirts are flying off the rack at the Red Raider Spirit Store.

SPICE Champs 003Texas Tech is loaded in chess. The Red Raiders feature seven chess grandmasters; kinda like a McDonald's All-American only, you know, not.

Here is a photo of the Red Raiders' celebrating their most recent title with the "Guns Up" sign. I was thinking the same thing - bet these guys know how to party. 


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Congratulations, Mac, you managed to set a national record for left-handed compliments in one article! If you don't think chess players are worth a sports column, don't write about them. And while you're at it, whenever during a major sports event things start to get cerebral, don't dare refer to there being a real chess game going on between the coaches, because then you'll just be insulting them, right? Okay, they're not athletes, we get it, so take your ball and go home!

Geek Week

That picture is priceless. Your article was hilarious.

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