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The Dallas Cowboys 2012 schedule: The search for 10 wins

Simpson_romo320OK, so maybe that headline is a bit of a stretch. Can the Cowboys find 10 wins (*) on this schedule? Because I am not only a winner but also an optimist I think they can. Here they are.

9/5 at NY Giants. This is crack-pipe dumb, but the Cowboys are going to win this. 1-0

9/16 at Seattle. They should win this, but they won't. 1-1

9/23 v. Tampa Bay. Tampa's not ready yet, and its QB is never going to get it. 2-1

10/1 v. Chicago. A swing game. A game the Cowboys should lose but will win. 3-1

10/13 at Baltimore. Uh ... no. 3-2

10/21 at Carolina. The Panthers are better, but this is a must-have for the Cowboys. 4-2.

10/28 vs. NY Giants. Eli owns JerryWorld. 4-3

11/4 at Atlanta. Time to go out on a limb and say Cowboys win. 5-3

11/11 at Philly. Up there? Are you kidding? No. 5-4

11/18 vs. Cleveland. Another have-to win. 6-4

11/22 vs. Washington. RGIII or no, doesn't matter. 7-4

12/2 vs. Philly. Nope. 7-5

12/9 at Cincy. A should win, but who knows where the Bengals will be? Have to win. 8-5

12/16 v. Pittsburgh. No way. 8-6

12/23 vs. New Orleans. At home, the Cowboys can do this. 9-6

12/30 at Washington. It's the Redskins so the Cowboys can actually do this. 10-6

As you can see, finding 10 wins on this schedule takes some creative thinking ... and a lot of Jerry-like optimism.

* It should be noted that before the start of the 2011 season I predicted the Cowboys would finish the season 10-6 to make the playoffs. During the season I said Jason Garrett should be coach of the year. Playing the law of averages, I will forever stick with the first prediction until my passing.

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This schedule is impossible. If they win 8 games I'll be amazed.


Mac, if they win 7 games I'll be suprised.

Jimmy James from Keller

No way we win 10 games. I appreciate that you're a fan like us but you want to sell news papers and advirtising. Hard core footballs fans know for certain that 10 wins is a total pipe dream. 8 games would is the most wins this team can probably muster. I hope we lose 'em all and Jerry is forced to hire a GM.


I will give them 9 at best and that is stretching it. At the beginning of last year I said they would not make the playoffs and that Jason Garret should be fired. Unfortunately, only one of the two predictions came true, but I hold out hope for the latter.

Bob In Arlington

A Winner,Huh, Mac? Winning isn't reflected in your predictions from last year, SO; how do you, even being an optimist, say that d'Boys win in NYC, Atlanta and Chicago. All three of those teams showed they were better in the early part of their season last year.

d'Boys are going to be training new offensive line members and will still have that weak point in their starting center.

Demarco Murray is still as fragile as he was in Oklahoma. Doubt that Dez knows his routes any better?

The "D" maybe be better but the new guys still have to learn those funky schemes of the Big Round One before it becomes a solid unit. Lot's of "IF's" on this team.

Claire from Benbrook Lake

I don't usually agree with Bob from Arlington but he's got a point. The Cowboys are in real trouble. We have a bad coach, NO GM, a good QB who can't win games or lead this team and our team ain't good. We are in more trouble than I've seen us in a long time. Jerry needs to wake up. He can sell soda pop, parking, box seats, and all the rest of that but I don't see how he is going to sell fans on how this team gets to .500 this year. Time to clean house. I've always hoped he would talk Jimmmy Johnson to come back. We need to do something huge because this team this year is going to be aweful.

ken d

bring jimmy back !!!

ken d

again, bring jimmy back !!!


We are going to need something. We are not good and our schedule is brutal.

Sam E. from Benbrook

Mac, what have you been smoking?!?!!! I love it that you are a Cowboys fan, but 10 wins is NEVER going to happen. We need a GM. We need better talent. We need an owner who will butt out. We need a QB that can win.



Bob In Arlington

Thanks Claire for the agreeable comment, I think I'm agreeable too, especially when I'm wrong. That's the one thing Jerry can't stand... to be wrong.. and even less agreeable to admit it. THEREFORE, bringing Jimmy Johnson back is a fable larger than the Esop collection.

d'Boys had a chump schedule last year and blew it in the end. The injuries that plagued Philly, New York and Chicago last year gave Dallas a head start on being good... but then Dallas showed it's flaws and the rest was history.

Claire is right... Jerry should have cleaned house this year...except secretly he fears that Tony,Jason,and Ware are running out of time.

Jerry is such a good salesman, he's sold himself on believing that d'Boys have a chance to do what the Giants did last year. Ever the optimist,now for 15 years. Not even the Chinese believe the heck Jerry's chance is right.. and so do those in Vegas.

Dale Tisdale

Jimmy Johnson? Did you notice how great he coached after he left Dallas and went to Miami? Get real!

Happy Meal

the season is a total loss. i love my cowboys but i dont see how we win much more than 5 games this season

big boi

Bring Jimmy Johnston back and get rid of Tony Romo

big boi

Will never win a championship with Tony Romo good back up just not a starter.


I agree with every and anybody who thinks jerry needs to step down and hire a real gm. He is killing us cowboy nation fans.

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