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The Dallas Cowboys & the hypocrisy of a press conference for Marc Colombo

PhotoIRVING, Texas - Before Jerry Jones and crew addressed a large media gathering this afternoon at the team headquarters in Valley Ranch, they took about 10 minutes to formally announce the retirement of former tackle Marc Colombo.

The former first round pick of the Bears in 2002 is a nice story; he ruined his knee, was dumped by the Bears in 2005 and picked up for nothing by Bill Parcells and the Cowboys. Colombo rebuilt the knee, and developed into a very nice reliable starter for five years. This guy was a tremendous competitor and fighter.

So why the rub? 

In his tenure with the team Colombo demonstrated mostly disdain towards those who covered the team. (Yes, this is just a sports media problem, not a real life one.) This dude never talked, and I say this as a reporter who had a pretty decent relationship with him. 

I clearly recall one game in October of 2008 where the Cowboys lost in OT in Arizona and talking to guard Leonard Davis. Very few people were eager to talk to the media after that game, so when guys like Big Leonard agreed to an interview we grabbed it; then there is Colombo bemoaning, "That's a lot of questions."

Sir, we wouldn't have to sit here and bother Big Leonard if you and 90 percent of your teammates just faked your way through three or four of our stupid questions. It's part of the gig.

Now you retire and you want a press conference? 

This is one of my great sports rubs: Hate the media? It may be a part of your job to sit there and suffer this collection of insufferable fools, but if you don't want to play nice, fine. Obviously no one is going to make you.

But when your career is done please don't look for a job among the crowd you so loathed for so long, and please don't ask us to sit through a press conference commemorating a career when during it you specifically asked us to not bother you.

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Whiner. I guess it's all about the MEDIA...

The Big Mac Blog

Tom -
No, no, no. It's not about the media. It's just about me.

Blue Turth

Thanks again for showing how little CLASS you have Smac!!! Really, you're just a punk reporter who want's it both ways and is really just about your OWN glory. Yourself and Deion's piss boy JJT are a couple of the biggest reasons. Best thing is when someone calls you out on your opinion, especially in person you run and hide like a coward!


Blue Turth

Marco = CLASS
SMAC MAC (wanna be Mel Gibson) = PUNK!

Why buy a paper and keep scum bags like Smac employed??

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