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The dude who caught Texas Rangers OF Josh Hamilton's flying bat out of mid air

IMG_0636ARLINGTON - John Pressley said he's been coming to Texas Rangers baseball games since they played at Turnpike Stadium way back when Randy Galloway still had black hair. In his life, Pressley said he has caught two baseballs during a game.

"One was from Juan Gonzalez and the other was from Gabe Kapler," Pressley said, who is from Mansfield.

What Pressley did today was far more impressive than catching some fly ball. Doing as any good little league coach would instruct, Pressley used both his glove and his hand to catch a flying bat out of mid air from Josh Hamilton during the Rangers' 5-3 win against the Mariners.

Click here for the video of this nice stab from

Even Rangers TV color analyst Tom Grieve noticed Pressley's mad skills.

"You can try to catch that. The best thing to do is duck out of the way and don't take any chances while that thing helicopters in the air towards you," Grieve said during the telecast. "He sure did catch that thing. Pretty good concentration."

Pressley said, "The first thing you think is basically trying to protect yourself."

Pressley's upper right cheek suffered a minor mark, but nothing that appeared to require a legal team.

Pressley did say when offered the bat back to Hamilton in between innings that the Rangers outfielder politely passed, and that he would sign it after the game.

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