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The one thing former Dallas Cowboys coach Bill Parcells loves as much as football

9086922-largeLet's see here, Bill Parcells was done after he coached the Jets. Then he was finished after he was done with the Dolphins. Now ... well ... let's see ... the Saints or the Vikings?

The former head coach of the Dallas Cowboys has been flirting with returning to the game for the umpteenth time as either the head guy with the Minnesota Vikings or an interim head coach for Sean Payton with the New Orleans Saints.

This New York Post report says the Vikings have told Parcells he can run the show and to just "name his price".

And in no great shock, the Vikings denied it.

The Saints thing still sounds viable, but their need for a head coach won't be known until Payton appeals his one-year NFL suspension to Police Commissioner Goodell this week. 

Even though Parcells is going to turn 71 this year, never rule out the possibility that he is playing the leverage card.

Parcells can talk out of 14 sides of his mouth, and sound very convincing every time he does it. In recent reports Parcells told people he thought maybe the game passed him by, which it may have. But this guy has the itch as bad as any to have coached in the NFL.

The itch is two-fold.

Itch No. 1) Parcells genuinely cares and loves professional football as much as anyone.
Itch No. 2) Parcells genuinely cares and loves cold, hard currency as much as anyone in this game.

At this point in his life, Parcells has very likely made more than enough money not only for himself but for generations of his family to enjoy. Can't fault him for that.

Throw former Dallas Mavericks head coach Don Nelson into this category as well - guys who can't quit because they love the money.

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Loving me the Money

You hit it on the head. Parcells loves, loves, loves the money. He's a quality guy but make no mistake -- he flat out, loves the cash. Why not hit the cash register a few more times before he checks out off the planet


Truer words were never spoken. Billy loves da' money.


Parcells needs the money like he needs this next job. But I agree. The main allure for coaching is the money. He is competitive, a truely great coach, and he loves the attention. But its the dollars bills the bring the Bill back to the game.

2 Hot Apple Pies for $1.00

No way Parcells comes back. The guy is too old to really want any part of this one year expirement.

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