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The Texas Rangers, the Texas State Fair & the $26 hot dog

IMG_0621ARLINGTON - According to the nice woman standing behind the hot dog stand in right field the new Hot Dog of Death^, which runs for $26, has been selling.

I asked how many. She said, "A lot".
You can't pay for specifics like that.

Walking around the Ballpark on Opening Day it seems that this day blend in so many of America's favorite activities - Nostalgia, watching someone else work, baseball, and eating really, really bad food.

The State Fair used to be the place where you went for corn dogs, deep fried cheese water, butter infused pizza and all sorts of other creations that would make your doctor punch you in the face.

Now, however, if you just can't wait for your local State Fair for some truly caloric cuisine you just go to the ballgame. There may not be more than 15 vegetables in this entire place. The days of hot dog and a beer have been replaced by:

* Ice cream, all flavors
* Kettle korn
* Cotton candy
* Sausage
* Corny dogs
* Nachos
* Country cookie
* Cupcakes
* Pretzels
* Funnel cakes
* Churros
* Pizza
* Cheeseburgers
* French Fries
* Snow cones

^ This hot dog is not named the Hot Dog of Death. It's called "Boomstick". Defibrillator is not included.

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