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Tiger Woods is never coming "back" but this version is more entertaining

07.1s.045.tiger.C--300x300Watching Tiger Woods throw a few tantrums, kick his golf club, drop a few curse words and generally behave like a frustrated hack at sacred Augusta was easily more entertaining than watching him throw down a fist pump after making a 35-foot putt uphill. 

It's great theater watching Humility have her way with Tiger on a course. This level of forced humility, on the course, Tiger has to deal with now makes him more interesting to watch. The same guy that forced designers to tear up their courses now struggles for even par along with Bill Haas, Scott Stallings and everyone whose names you likely may not know. 

Tiger finished this latest Master's a plus-5, behind Jonathan Byrd, Nick Watney and Jason Dufner.

This is not on Tiger's former swing coach.

People thought after Tiger won the Bay Hill last week that Tiger was back. That win was his first since 2009. Sorry. The Tiger that embarrassed the field is gone, forever. In his place is just another world-class golfer, who will sometimes win but most of the times won't.

Like everyone else I fell for Woods in that his dominance was so overwhelming and so impressive it was nearly impossible not to watch. Never once did I feel like cheering for Tiger. Something about his other-wordly arrogance just turned me off. So little he projected felt real or genuine, and it always seemed as if he was rubbing it in people's collective face.

Tiger knew he was better than his peers, but somewhere along the way he forgot he was not better than the game. This game, perhaps more than any other, eventually humiliates everyone who has dared try it.

Tiger's personal stuff is his personal stuff, and none of our business. I simply do not care because it was never intended for public consumption.

Tiger's game, and on the course behavior, are. His brattish antics are nothing new; not quite on the same level as a John McEnroe but they are certainly far beneath some of the greats Tiger is routinely mentioned with - Arnie, Jack, etc.

Tiger's life, from his youth to today, follows such a unique story arc it's nearly impossible not to watch. This is not like rooting for a guy to fail; he has achieved a level of success and security playing a game most of us will ever know.

You may long for the days of Tiger the Great, where he lapped the field with an arrogant smirk. That was interesting. Watching a course reduce this guy to just being another guy is great fun, too.

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Two things Tiger needs to do.

1. Tiger needs to don a Darth Vader helmet and play like that. Who is he trying to fool with his smug smile anymore? Embrace the dark side tiger that has always been you.

2. He clearly found the psychological nirvana of playing in the zone by having a bevy of bimbos at his beck and call


Why are you leaving ever since i was a little girl i loved you and i still do.


Rory McIIroy, the new golden boy also finished at +5. So where are the comments and articles about his fall from grace?

Po Paul

Hey Big was great seeing Lefty and Rory choke again also. At least with TW, he wins one out of every five and six stoke play events he plays. Sure, he didn't win this week, but he still has 72 PGA wins and 14 majors, so we won't have to wait too long before he wins again. Can't say the same for the losers you root for. Eat that for your lunch, loser!!


This is about the joy the author has about kicking a man when he's down.

Martin Blanco

Really? You really like to watch that? If so, I have to really wonder about you.

Congratulations Bubba.

Tony Tiger

You nailed it. Tiger is done. He was great theatre when he was 'on' but those days are behind him. He'll win some more but his best days are behind him. I agree with one of the previous comments; Tigers needs to wear a Darth Vader helmet and embrace being the bad guy. He would be far more interesting and likely would be a lot truer to himself.


Because he was and is arrogant, I am happy to see him eat egg. But wait--he is too arrogant to eat egg! So ha ha Tiger!

Bob In Arlington

The "wages of sin" has been man's down fall since Adam tasted the forbidden fruit. When someone enters the arena of "public" life where profits are massive; then yes his private antics are news and carry a responsibility with that pay grade.

Tiger asks that we buy Nike, Rolex, NetJets, EA Sports, TLC Eye Centers and Upperdeck, these along with the PGA feed his massive money machine. So, YES, his private life falls under the perview of the public.

Don't like him, avoid his sponsers and tell his sponsers you don't.

His image on the course IS the business of the course owners and the PGA. Most likely, although it won't be made public, the PGA will fine him and Augusta National Club has the right to keep him off the next field. They have disciplined others, i.e. John Daly and Roy Sabbatini.

Tiger is the most fondled and coddled sports athelte in the World. The PGA game is bigger than anyone and they will let Tiger know so.

Who Tiger has failed, other than himself and his family, are his fans. They have given him Golf God Like status and he has failed them in that unwritten "spousal" support contract in an alienation of affection.

He's fallen from grace and if he doesn't embrace change in his attitude he risks loosing the love of more and more fans.

I don't think he now will win another major tournament, his karma is now bad ju-ju. We are what we eat and he has chosen to eat the forbidden fruit off the table of public life.


Mentally, Tiger has lost the edge he had over players 3-4 years ago. The skills are there but without the head, there's no consistency. IMHO, Tiger will win another 1-2 majors and a handful of smaller tourneys in his career, but will not catch the Golden Bear.

Lee Morton

Who is REALLY to blame for what happened to Tiger this week ?
First, Haney published his disgraceful book about Tiger, loaded with untruths and slandel by a guiy who Tiger paid much money to, then fired for his in competensy< just getting back at Tiger. Then, so called siblings that we never heard of during his great career, blasted Tiger for not giving them money !!! If you play golf, you know how much crap like this can upset your game. Great timing by those who want to brting down the best golfer of this age.


This author must really hated Tiger over the years and then the sex scandal didn't help either. Just sick!! But onto Tiger. Tiger will never win another major cause he is pressing and pressuring himself far too much to reach Jack. That combined with his constant swing changes and the number of months that sets him back and also his number of years played at such a high level of intensity, he is mentally burnt out will not be able to recapture any of his old self.


The sands in the hour glass are running out on tiger. I still don't think he is done done, but the chances of returning to glory are drying up. I give him one more year to roar back then I am officially giving up on him. He's gonna win more, play some more really amazing golf but increasingly it looks like the tiger of old has gotten old.

Gold Angel

I wanner know whether my idol like playing on-line game or not...

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