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Unreality has infected the Dallas Cowboys

628x471IRVING - Most people who have followed the Dallas Cowboys in the Jerry Jones' years understand his optimism, and his hyperbole. Every year is a Super Bowl year. Every coach is one of the very best.

Now, however, it appears as if such language has become the standard at Valley Ranch.

On Wednesday at the Cowboys' pre-draft presser, team directory of scouting Tom Ciskowski was asked if he had a lot of holes to fill.
"No," he said.

Oh, Bubba, no. 

The Dallas Cowboys finished 8-8 last season, missed the playoffs, and despite a handful of free agent additions they don't have any holes to fill?

"I look at our team; we're going to draft over the next three days to upgrade," he said. "We've got some depth at some positions. I think if we weren't drafting today we could go play tomorrow."

Technically, Tom is right. The team has a 53-man roster that could play a game today, if needed. But last season demonstrated that 53-man roster was not good enough. Hence, it has holes. Every team has holes, even the New York Giants or the New England Patriots.

We should not expect Tom to sit next to his boss and say: "Holes? My God, man. They are everywhere. Did you not watch us last year?"

But to suggest this team does not have holes is something that should be left for Jerry to say.


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