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Vegas odds of Dallas Mavericks winning NBA title steadily dropping

Mavs001Not that this should come as a giant surprise, but your Dallas Mavericks professional NBA basketball team isn't exactly inspiring a lot of confidence in Las Vegas these days.

According to, which features lines and odds on sporting events, Mark Cuban's toy probably won't win it all.

The Mavs opened the season as 8/1 favorites to repeat as NBA champions. Today, they are 25/1.

The Miami Heat remain the odds-on favorite to win; the Heat opened at 5/2 and are now 7/5.

The Spurs (7/1), and the Bulls & Thunder (both 3/1) are the other teams that feature the best odds.

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The Mavs will limp into the playoffs. I keep hoping they will get an injection of life. They look too old to compete for a championship but you never know. They could get hot and go on a run.


Don't disrespect the World Champs. We are still the team to beat until a best of 7 series proves otherwise.

Will J.

Love my Mavs and last season was pure magic. We need to surround Dirk with a ton of youth next year. The playoffs might be exciting for us but I'm not holding my breath. If Mavs fans are looking for hope and excitement watch carefully during the off season. We are going to need to mix things up bad.

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