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Video: Eating the Yu Dog is a curious hit

IMG_0634ARLINGTON - Because there can't be enough video of people eating food, The Big Mac Blog is delving into Texas Rangers' cuisine. No, not that $26 hot dog. 

Baby steps, people.

Available at the Captain Morgan Club on the day Texas Rangers pitcher Yu Darvish pitches is the "controversial" Yu Dog. 

It's an all-beef dog wrapped in wonton and deep fried. It's covered in beef teriyaki, wasabi mayonaise, seaweed salad, sesame seeds with some jalapenos.

On the side are string fries that are tossed in sesame oil and sprinkled with sesame seeds.

There was some hubub that this is not true to Japanese cuisine; wonton is a Chinese creation. As a white American dude, I am OK with it. Watch here if you can, or are so inclined, my first bite into the Yu Dog. (Please note I am sorry about the nose and chin; blame my father).


ADVICE: Be open-minded when trying this. This is not your typical hot dog at the Ballpark experience. It runs for $12.50.  It's a-bit-ah spicy!, and the teriyaki with the seaweed give it an Asian flavor. Is it good? Yes. Will I have it again? Yes.

A special thanks to ESPN Radio producer Mark Friedman for filming this, and the good people at the Captain Morgan Club for cooking me this on a day when Yu didn't pitch.


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You look better in person.

Howl at the Moon

You write like you eat. What a mess.

The Further

Love the video segments. Maybe you can video tape you mowing your lawn or cleaning your garage next time.

Sek Yee

The Yu Dog rocks. Its different - yes - but totally delicious! Try it! You'll LOVE it! Yum,

The Big Mac Blog

I like the idea of filming myself mow the yard or clean the garage. That sounds like a real compelling clip.

Thanks for the tip.

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